Temporary passenger lifts

When vertical access is restricted, you can hire a suitable temporary passenger lift for disabled and wheelchair users. Anywhere, anytime, and for everyone. As Europe's largest lift rental comany for temporary passenger lifts, we provide suitable lifts for any railway crossing, residential building or public area such as a shopping centre or hospital. Each temporary passenger lift is designed for quick installation, both external and internal, and offers a high level of comfort for anyone who requires a passenger lift. Indistinguishable from any regular passenger lifts.

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What is meant by a temporary passenger lift? 

A temporary passenger lift is a fully enclosed lift car that is specifically designed for temporary deployment and public use. This means the interior is designed to meet the standards of public passenger lifts. Temporary passenger lifts are easily assembled and usually require little to no building adaptions. 

The main features of temporary passenger lifts: 

  • Fully enclosed lift car
  • Suitable to transport people
  • Step free accessible
  • User friendly controls
  • Interior design according to public lift standards
  • Designed for temporary deployment
  • Emergency braking and lowering systems
  • Available both as external lifts and indoor lifts

How does a temporary passenger lift work? 

Temporary passenger lifts are operated just like any other passenger lift. The controls in the lift are located at waist level and doors open and close automatically. When the lift is called at multiple floors, the controls will choose the most efficient path. This allows passengers to reach their destination in a fairly short period of time. 

What are the different types of temporary passenger lifts?

Temporary passenger lifts are mainly divided into three groups: 

  • Temporary exterior lifts
  • Temporary indoor lifts
  • Shaftless lightweight lifts

However, passenger lifts can also be divided by type of lift mechanism: 

  • Traction motor lifts
  • Rack and pinion lifts
  • Hydraulic lifts

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Emergency lift breakdown? Temporary passenger lift hire saves the day 

Just like any machine, every permanent lift will suffer malfunctions and will be out of order from time to time due to lift maintenance. This restricts accessibility for lift users who are partially or fully dependent on the lift. 

Disabled residents become confined in their homes, meal and care services become restricted and elderly people might be unable to take the underground to visit their relatives. As you can imagine, as long as there is no alternative, the outage will lead to a lot of frustration. 

This is why it’s always recommended to install a temporary passenger lift when the lift is temporarily out of order, especially in housing and public transport. By deploying a temporary passenger lift, you can ensure access to your location for anyone, anywhere and anytime. 

Temporary passenger lifts: safely keeping people on the move

Many people are a little bit cautious when it comes to lifts. And if you’ve never used one of our temporary passenger lifts, chances are you might wonder how reliable a temporary passenger lift can be.

But just like any lift, our temporary passenger lifts comply to all the required safety regulations. Every time our temporary lift is disassembled, it is thoroughly inspected. Any worn or damaged parts are replaced to prevent future malfunctions. And when a malfunction does occur, our lift engineers are on standby 24/7 to deal with the problem immediately.

Every temporary passenger lift is inspected on site 

Once the lift is assembled at your location, a certified and independent inspector will assess the temporary passenger lift to confirm it’s safe to operate. Most lift inspectors in Europe know our temporary lift well, allowing the inspection to run smoothly and take up little time. And thus we can ensure you of safe and quickly deployable temporary passenger lifts. 

Temporary passenger lifts FAQ

What are the four types of passenger lifts?

The four most common types of passenger lifts are:

  • Traction lifts
  • Rack and pinion lifts
  • Hydraulic lifts
  • Pneumatic lifts

Our temporary passenger lifts are mainly traction lifts and rack and pinion lifts.

What are the three main types of temporary lifts?

For temporary lifts the three main types of passenger lifts are:

  • Exterior lifts with lift shaft
  • Indoor lifts with lift shaft
  • Shaftless lightweight lifts

Alternatives to these lifts are temporary stair lifts and wheelchair lifts.

What is a shaftless temporary lift?

A shaftless temporary lift is a passenger lift with only one or two masts supporting it. Since there is no lift shaft required, the temporary lift is constructed from smaller parts. This allows us to fit the temporary passenger lift indoors with only a small crane.

What is the smallest temporary lift size?

The smallest passenger lift for temporary use is the indoor lift which is less than 2x2 metres in size. Opposite to its size, this temporary lift still offers enough space and lift capacity to support 4 people or one person in a wheelchair. The maximum lifting height runs up to 12 metres.

Do temporary lifts need a pit?

No, temporary lifts do not necessarily need a pit. When it’s not possible to dig a pit, we provide ramps to overcome any threshold between the floor and the sliding door to the lift.

Which temporary lift is best for residential housing?

Our RECO Plug and Play lifts are the most popular temporary passenger lifts for housing projects in the UK. 


However, which temporary passenger is best for residential housing really depends on the building and it’s residents. Total hight, hight per level, the need for wheelchair accessibility, available pace at ground level are all factors which need to be taken into account before deciding which temporary lift is the best lift for the situation. 


If you want to know more, feel free to contact our specialists. We can help you pick the right lift and send you a quote without obligation. 

How do I choose a temporary passenger lift?

To choose a temporary passenger lift we recommend the following steps: 

  1. Start by assessing which people use the lift and what they require. 
  2. With the minimal requirements in mind, calculate the necessary dimensions. How much space is needed, which floors need to be accessible by lift and where the lift could be installed. 
  3. Finally, decide on whether temporary adaptations of the building are needed or if a temporary walkway could offer a solution to connecting the lift to the building. 

If you want to be sure, feel free to contact our specialists. We can help you pick the right lift and send you a quote without obligation.