Lift out of service near Rotterdam (NL): temporary passenger lift deployed with threshold ramps

In Capelle aan den IJssel, close to Rotterdam, the owner-occupier association had the lifts of two apartment buildings modernised. Because the lifts will be out of order for a longer period of time, the owner-occupier association wanted to provide a temporary passenger lift for the residents. In order to keep all 7 floors accessible, we offered a lift setup for each apartment building. In combination with threshold ramps and gallery elevations, we kept the apartment buildings accessible from street level to apartment.


Temporary passenger lifts: step-free and user-friendly accessibility

For residents of the apartment buildings near Rotterdam, our RECO 1.0 temporary passenger lifts offer an excellent replacement lift for as long as the lifts are out of service. The interior and operation of our temporary passenger lifts are indistinguishable from any regular passenger lift. This gives many residents a familiar feeling when using the lift. 

The shaft is built up from separate segments with a closed waiting area on each floor. This means that the residents won’t have to wait for the lift on the walkway during bad weather. In Capelle aan den IJssel, the shaft could be fitted directly to the walkways. We took care of the entire process: from the Health & Safety project plan and the permit request to organizing the lift inspection by Liftinstituut.

The best temporary passenger lift for apartment buildings: RECO 1.0

  • User-friendly button controls;
  • Closed waiting area on every floor;
  • Secured by code lock on the ground floor;
  • Spacious lift cabin for mobility scooter or stretcher.

RECO 1.0 passenger lifts

Threshold ramps: step-free access from street to apartment

With a small walkway elevation and threshold ramps on each floor, the thresholds between the lift and the walkway have been bridged. In cooperation with the caretaker, we have also modified the fencing on the walkway. For the flat residents living to the left of the stairwell, we placed ramps at the stairwell on each floor. This way, every resident has a barrier-free walking route from street to flat. 

Extra service: storage container for lift parts and building materials

At RECO Lift Solutions, want to make sure the entire project proceeds as smoothly and efficiently as possible. For example, the lift company did not have enough space in Capelle aan den IJssel to temporarily store lift parts and building materials. As an extra service, we provided a storage container. This meant that the lift company did not have to approach an additional equipment rental company to deliver a container. 

Lift rental for owners' associations

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