External platform lifts | Wheelchair platform lifts for threshold-free access

External platform lifts are the perfect temporary lifts to provide disabled access to public areas and entrances to public buildings. These wheelchair platform lifts provide step-free access up to 3 metres. Due to their small size and low power requirements, these disabled platform lifts are deployed quickly and fit in nearly any corner of the area. This allows you to maintain wheelchair access to public service buildings, train stations, multi storey parking lots, offices and care centres with the ideal external platform lift. 

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The benefits of external platform lifts: 

  • Weatherproof;
  • Easy to use;
  • Small dimensions;
  • Quickly and easily deployed.

The best external platform lift to maintain external wheelchair access

To choose the best external platform lift for a specific area, all you need to know is the required lifting height and whether the lift is used for mobility scooters. Each of our platform lifts can stop at any height up to the given maximum height. For example an external platform lift of 3 metres can also be deployed when a stop is required at 2,7 metres. This allows us to deploy a suitable lift to any situation. For landings above 3 metres we recommend deploying one of our passenger lifts. 

Disabled platform lifts for mobility scooters

When the lift is used only for wheelchairs and people with walking aids or pushchairs, any of our external platform lifts will offer plenty of space. Do you expect people in mobility scooters to make use of the lift? Then we recommend to choose a wider external platform lift with such as the external platform lifts 1,5 metres and 3 metres. If you prefer a spacious and userfriendly lift, one of our passenger lift might offer a better solution. These lifts are fully complient to safety regulations as any other permanent lift and offer a spacious cabin indistinguishable from regular lifts. 

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External platform lifts for public service buildings and care centres

Step-free access to public service buildings and especially health care centres is required at all times. The lives of people who suffer from mobility disorders may be severely disrupted if these services are unavailable. This applies not only to healthcare services, but also to the public services of a town hall, post office, bank or polling station.

When external wheelchair access is obstructed during renovation or maintenance work, deploying an external platform lift is an excellent way to maintain access. The lifts are easy to use, vandal-proof and suitable to overcome a staircase at the entrance to your service building.

External platform lifts in public transport: wheelchair access at train stations

Access to public transport may seem apparent. But for people in wheelchairs or with walking aids, this is not the case when a lift is malfunctioning. They won’t be able to visit family or go to work when they can’t reach the station platform or bus stop.

The easiest and most effective way to maintain access for wheelchair users at all times is to deploy one our external platform lifts. Due to the small dimensions these lifts can easily be deployed besides staircases to maintain the regular routing within the station area. If that’s not possible, we can also provide temporary staircases to fully reroute public access to the platforms.

Wheelchair friendly events: wheelchair platform lifts for temporary access

During an event you want every visitor to be able to enjoy the show. To do so you can deploy our disabled platform lifts to provide access to a wheelchair area, levelled venue or even the stage itself. The lifts only require a 230V power socket and take up little space. Perfect for a busy event terrain where each square metre counts.

External platform lifts to transport catering goods

Besides wheelchair access our external platform lifts can also be deployed to transport catering goods. The wide platforms offer plenty of space for up to 4 roll cages. Opposite to rolling ramps, the external platform lifts can save a lot of space and be placed in any narrow corner of your venue or event area. Perfect for narrow backstage areas.

Full-service disabled platform lift hire: assessment, transport, installation and inspection

Wherever you need an external platform lift, our specialists advise and install the best lift for your project. From the initial assessment of the situation, our specialist is committed to ensure the accessibility of your site. You will receive expert advice on accessibility and the work required.

And when it is time to install the lift, the lift is delivered and assembled ready for use by our lift engineers. Finally, the lift is inspected on site and we carry out a periodic inspection to prevent breakdowns. This is how RECO Lift Solutions takes the entire process off your hands.