RECO Plug and Play hire

The RECO Plug and Play temporary lift is built in a 40ft container. This is why we can place a temporary lift nationally and internationally using only a single journey. Installation of the lift has also been simplified and can be completed within 4 hours. You can use the lift by using the familiar button controls. After pressing the floor button of your choice, the doors will close automatically and you'll find yourself upstairs in no time at all.

Capacity and Sizes

lifting capacity
1000 kg
person capacity
max lift height
21.00 m
total size width x length
2900 x 2500 mm
space inside elevator width x length x height
2100 x 1100 x 2200 mm
max entrances

Electrical data

lift speed
48.0 m/min
Traction drive
400 V
32 A

Temporary passenger lift with walk-through cabin: safe, quick, and comfortable

This temporary passenger lift is equipped with a traction drive which makes it quicker, quieter, and more comfortable. The lift can carry loads of up to 1,000kg and has space for 13 people. As the lift features a walk-through cabin and a threshold-free entrance, trolleys and stretchers can easily be pushed or carried from one side to the other. The maximum height of the lift is 21m. The RECO Plug and Play lift has been approved according to Machine Directive 98/37/EC, complying to Standards EN 81-1 EN 12159. This guarantees your passengers are always in safe hands.

Placed overnight, mobile in the morning

When more than 37,000 people use a station every day, it's essential to keep everything accessible and mobile. Lifts play a crucial role in this. Which is why we installed our RECO Plug and Play at the Rotterdam Alexander station. The RECO Plug and Play is a quick and reliable lift, a perfect fit for stations. 

When installing a temporary lift, our goal is to minimise disturbance for commuters. Which is why for this project, we’ve installed the temporary lift overnight. The last bus departed from the station at 1 AM, which for us signified the starting gun. Before the bus drivers started their first drive in the morning, the temporary lift was ready to use! 

More mobility 

Together with our RECO Holding partners we offer more equipment for creating a temporary, threshold-free access to your location. In addition to passenger lifts, we also offer, amongst other, emergency stairs, pedestrian accesses, walkways, and mobility scooter storages. Do your visitors or residents need some extra assistance? We'll happily provide them our assistance by carrying their baggage or operating the lift. That way, we create suitable accessibility solutions for every property, audience, and situation. 

More information? Call our advisor: 01480 - 475 377