Wheelchair Step Lifts for indoor barrier-free accessibility

Wheelchair step lifts are ideal for public indoor areas where barrier-free access to a low rise is required. Due to the step lift’s small dimensions, low power requirements and easy operation, these low rise platform lift prove particularly useful in public institutions such as town halls, care centres, schools and museums. To provide you with the most suitable lift, we offer a variety of five step lifts. We can provide a staircase to accompany the lift to create a complete new bypass for your visitors.

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Which lift is the best step lift for your visitors?

When looking for a suitable step lift to provide wheelchair access, naturally the height of the lift stop is most important. But for instance when you require a lift for a height of 1,3 metres, you could also choose our step lift of 1,5 metres for it’s more wide and offers a larger lift capacity.

This is important to consider before your choose a lift, because in some cases you might need that extra space and capacity for mobility scooters or to transport goods in rolling cages. To make sure the best step lift is installed at your location, our specialist will always contact you.

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Safe and easy-to-use step lifts

Placing a lift that is barrier-free accessible does not necessarily mean the lift is safe and accessible to anyone in a wheelchair. To make sure it is, all controls of each step lift are placed at the proper height for a wheelchair user to reach. This allows wheelchair and mobility scooter users to use the lift without the help of others. 

To prevent the wheelchair accidently rolling off the platform, all our step lifts either have been outfitted with safety measures. Our smaller step lifts have safety barriers that automatically tilt upwards when the lift starts moving. Our large step lifts offer sturdy fences which require to be closed in order for the lift to start moving. 

Step lifts to maintain wheelchair access in care centres

If there is one place where wheelchair accessibility is indispensable, it is in care centres. But even in hospitals lifts are out of order occasionally due to maintenance work, or a renovation. A temporary bypass has to be created for patients and visitors to reach their appointments.

To ensure that patients and visitors can depend on wheelchair access to levelled surfaces and intermediate floors, a wheelchair step lift and temporary staircases can be deployed. To improve accessibility to the temporary staircases for people with visual impairment, we can add extra handrails to the staircase’s fences.

Temporary step lifts for a barrier-free transfer at the airport

Your heavy luggage is neatly packed to meet all the requirements for boarding. And now, while rushing from the parking lot to the terminal, you find out the escalator you needed to carry your luggage is out of order. You've missed your flight. 

When thousands of passengers transfer at an airport every day, you want to make sure as many people make it to the right terminal in time. Otherwise the airport could get to crowded and people will get agitated. Lift capacity and mobility is essential to prevent this. 

Our step lifts are ideal for maintaining optimal access in these situations. They are quickly deployed without causing too much inconvenience, and are easy to use by anyone who needs to reach their destination in time.

Open your exhibition to all audiences, wheelchair users included 

You’ve carefully chosen the best location for your event or exhibition. And you want each visitor to experience the highlights of your exhibition to the fullest. But when accessibility is restricted, switching to a different location is not what you want. 

Our temporary step lifts can help you to open certain areas to the audience, without any semi-permanent alterations to the area. Our lifts have small external dimensions, just so that they can easily be transported indoors and fit into any corner of the building. For instance besides the stairs in the hallway, up to an mezzanine floor or behind a stage. Due to their large lifting capacity, most of our step lifts can also be used to transport rolling cages with goods such as food and beverages. 

Full-service wheelchair step lift installation: what we do

When you choose RECO Lift Solutions to deploy a suitable step lift, we will commit to the accessibility at your location every step of the way. Our specialist will start by assessing the situation.

How do people use the lift and what for? What is the best accessible site to install the step lift? And how much space is available for the step lift? With answers to these questions, our specialist will determine which lift is best suitable for your project and what needs to be done beforehand.

Our transport-service will deliver the lift in time to your location and our technicians will assemble the lift until it is ready to use. Finally our technician will inspect the installation and determine whether it is safe to use. These inspections will be repeated regularly if the lift remains of use at your project. This is how we commit to maintaining safe and barrier-free access where and whenever it is needed.