Temporary lifts for owner's associations and public housing

Maintian access to public housing: temporary lifts for barrier-free accessibility

In the UK alone over 6.8 million citizens depend on barrier-free access due to a mobility disability. Many of these residents live in public housing and rely on their landlord or housing assocciation for maintaining step-free access. To do groceries, meet up with friends, or walk the dog. But when access is restricted, due to maintenence or lift failure, they become restricted to their home. 

To maintain access, you can rent a temporary lift for your tenants at RECO Lift Solutions. This way, emergency services such as ambulance staff can use a suitable lift in case of emergencies. For housing and owner's associations, we offer special rental contracts for long term maintenance planning. Using Europe’s biggest range of temporary lifts, we’ve got a suitable temporary passenger lift for every flat or tower block.  

Let us keep your residence available


For residents

Residents getting in the lift cabin just like they’re used to.

For lift companies

Benefit from super-fast breakdown service and a large lift stock.

For owner's associations

Personal advice and a functioning lift on location within no time.

For housing associations

Custom lifts, financial insight, and 1 supplier for housing associations.

Lift renovation in inhabited building: Cliostede

In 2019 the Cliostreet housing complex in Eindhoven consisting of 140 properties and 7 indoor passenger lifts was being renovated. Although the renovation was necessary, the idea was of course to keep disturbances to the residents to a minimum.

As there was no walkway available, it seemed like we needed to replace every indoor lift with a temporary lift. However, by installing temporary walkways we could compensate for the lift capacity of two indoor lifts with one single temporary passenger lift. This meant we only needed to deploy two lifts simultaneously instead of four, while the residents stayed mobile. Read more about Cliostede here

Discover the possibilities of temporary walkways

Multiannual maintenance plan

All passenger lifts require maintenance and need to be renovated at some point. When a lift is up for maintenance, you can rent temporary lift to keep your residents mobile. To keep your multiannual maintenance budget sharp, we could provide a non-binding quote for installing the temporary lifts in the coming years. 

For housing and owner’s associations, we offer multiannual rental agreements which you can implement into your maintenance planning. Are you dealing with a malfunction of our temporary lift? Our breakdown service is available 24 hours a day.

Lift rental during renovations

Temporary lift rental & more mobility

At RECO Lift Solutions we’ve thought of everything to keep your residents mobile. We work together with RECO. RECO has 65 years of experience with technical equipment rental and is specialised in the supply of public-friendly scaffolding materials and temporary accommodation.

Do you need to cross a threshold? We’ll install a ramp. Have you rented stairlifts? We'll install a temporary mobility scooter storage and place walking frames on every floor. No walkway available for the temporary lift? We'll create a temporary walkway! With RECO Lift Solutions, all homes remain accessible without thresholds, from street to front door. 

Let us keep your location accessible!