Temporary walkway hire

Together with RECO Equipment Rental we can supply your property with a complete temporary walkway to keep all floors accessible. The temporary walkway can be installed between a temporary lift and a building, or between two stairways. The temporary walkway also provides a solution during lift malfunctions. Does the complex exist of several building and does the lift in the other building work? Our temporary walkway can form the connecting piece between the buildings. 

Complete service: equipment, calculation, transport, and assembly

RECO has the proper specialists in house and owns all of the equipment and transport. With more than 65 years of experience, we are able to act flexibly, quickly, and properly. This means you'll always be helped as a housing corporation or owner’s association. Request a non-binding quote or contact our advisors.

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Temporary walkway hire

Temporary walkway as connection piece 

We’re good at thinking along with our customers! For instance, we were asked to come up with a solution for the Woensdrechthof in Nootdorp. The Woensdrechthof exists of two buildings with a lift each. The two lifts were replaced one by one. Using the temporary RECO walkway, we ensured the disabled residents could use their wheelchairs between the buildings. This way, they could always use the lift! 

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Hire a temporary walkway

Temporary walkways in practice 

The temporary walkway is the ideal connection piece. As was the case in the Muiderslotstraat in Schiedam, where it was placed between the stairwell and houses. Or in Eindhoven, where the building complex Cliostede was being renovated. This meant the inner walkways were no longer available. By constructing a temporary walkway on the outside, people were able to reach their homes. 

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