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From temporary lift to complete railway crossing: Europe’s most complete lift rental company

From healthcare to housing associations and from events to retail: the widest range of organisations use our services. With bridges, stairs, walkways and 1000+ temporary lifts we have the right to call ourselves Europe’s most complete lift rental company! Because we don’t just rent passenger lifts and stair lifts in the Netherlands. We’re also working on some great projects in England, Sweden, Germany, and the rest of Europe!

Temporary lift rental where and when you’re in need of an emergency lift: 

  • 260 temporary passenger lifts and hundreds of stair lifts in stock;
  • 30+ expert engineers;
  • 24/7 service, 365 days a year;
  • On location for emergencies within 4 hours.

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Not the same trick every time

Of course, we could install a lift for you according to a completely developed plan. But we’re capable of much more. We don't always use ready-made solutions as we’ve got a wide range of options when it comes to vertical mobility. For example, we installed a RECO Plug and Play Lift in no time at all, the GEDA Multi Lift can carry both passengers as goods, and the compact Indoor Lift is perfect for things like atriums and events.

"Everyone can install a lift. But with many years of experience, a large network and lots of mobility types, RECO Lift Solutions are one-of-a-kind!"

From work assessment and transport to installation and service

With 65+ years of experience as a vertical transport rental company and 20 years of temporary lift rental experience, we can deal with every situation. Which is why a simple contact or quote request suffices. We're happy to visit your location to assess the situation and will provide a suitable offer imminently. We take care of the transport, assembly and disassembly ourselves: one thing less to worry about! To round it off, our 24/7 service is available during the whole usage period to resolve any issues.

"We build a RECO Lift nearly every working day! Shall we help you out next?"

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Partner of RECO Group: complete solutions by working together

As a partner of family-run RECO Group, you’re not only at the right address for temporary passenger lifts and pedestrian bridges at RECO Lift Solutions. Housing 5 companies under one roof, we also supply industries such as housing corporations and healthcare with temporary accommodations, civilian-friendly scaffoldings, and more. Need a distribution box for a utility connection? Or a goods lift for a renovation project? RECO Group is your one-stop-shop for equipment and technical services. With 350+ experts and an in-house transport service, we're always on stand-by to help you out. Would you like to know more about the different RECO Group services? Take a look at our partners’ websites. 

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