Maintain step-free access at train stations with temporary lifts

Access for All - improving accessibility at train stations nationwide

Step-free access sometimes seems obvious. And it should be. Unfortunately, it is not always the case. Millions of people in the UK depend on step-free access in public transport in their daily lives. If the lift in the train station is temporarily out of order, their lives are temporarily out of order. Elderly people, wheelchair users or a young mother with a pushchair. They all cannot get into public areas or onto the platform because of a defective lift. These situations occur every day.

It is precisely at such times that we provide temporary accessibility. Everywhere, always and for everyone. Because height differences or thresholds should not exclude anyone. That is why we have developed temporary passenger lifts. User-friendly and indistinguishable from permanent lift systems. With our wide range of temporary lifts, we are Europe's largest lift rental company. And as a decisive family business, we are available 24/7. So you don't have to worry about temporary accessibility.

Let us keep your station accessible

For rail contractors

Keep train stations accessible during construction.

For travelers

Provide disabled access solution.

For transport companies

Step-free access from street to train.

For smart solutions

Turnkey assembly within one working day.

Ideal accessibility partner for you, rail contractor

Every year innumerable lifts in train stations are out of order for multiple days or even weeks. Due to malfunction, development or renovation. As a contractor, you can keep metro, bus and train stations accessible and step free with RECO Lift Solution's expertise. We do this not only with temporary lifts, but also with ramps and temporary level crossings. Completely barrier-free, safe with on-site inspection and 24/7 breakdown service in case of a malfunction. This offers every passenger a safe and accessible journey on the station.

The best lifts during railway station redevelopment

There are 6 reasons why temporary RECO Plug and Play passenger lifts are the best choice during station renovation and redevelopment:

  • Provide disabled access solution;
  • Step-free access from street to train;
  • Enough space for bicycles, wheelchairs and luggage (max. 12 persons);
  • Turnkey assembly within one working day;
  • Easy to operate using a standard button control;
  • Neat appearance and hardly distinguishable from a permanent lift.

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Disabled access train stations with a platform lift

People with reduced mobility depend on disabled access via a passenger lift or a ramp in public places such as railway stations. Because there is not always room for a ramp or passenger lift at these locations, RECO Lift Solutions also provides temporary platform lifts. For small elevations of up to 3 metres, the platform lift is the perfect solution. These lifts take up less space than a ramp, are more practical for public areas than stair lifts and are quicker to use than a complete temporary passenger lift.

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Temporary pedestrian bridge as connector between railway platforms

Is the level crossing or tunnel in the station temporarily closed due to construction work? In order to provide an obstacle-free, accessible route to and between the platforms, you can easily set up a temporary diversion. Simply by installing a temporary lift in combination with a pedestrian bridge. RECO Lift Solutions is the partner for you to ensure the accessibility of stations. We not only install the lift, but take care of the entire process for you: from site surveys and permit applications to making appointments with your regular installer for any structural modifications.

Temporary pedestrian bridges

We improve the journeys of passengers all through Europe

RECO Lift Solutions offers its temporary lifts and pedestrian footbridges for hire in the whole of Europe. An increasing number of rail contractors consider the preservation of easy and step-free access in train stations to be an important issue.

Germany: temporary footbridges between platforms

In Germany, we therefore deploy temporary pedestrian bridges completely wheelchair accessible and step free for the Deutsche Bahn (DB). By placing two temporary RECO Plug and Play passenger lifts, the footbridges and both platforms remain accessible to all travellers during the reconstruction period.

Sweden: no concessions in travelling comfort

The Swedish Transport Administration has prescribed that no concessions must be made to passenger comfort during station modernisations. With the hiring of temporary RECO passenger lifts, contractor PEAB has met this requirement. The four lifts were installed at the ends of two temporary footbridges over the tracks within four hours. This ensures safe, comfortable and barrier-free access to the track for train passengers.

Whether you need a temporary platform lift, passenger lift, pedestrian bridge or a combination of these. We give customised advice on how to keep your station accessible to every traveller. Whether you have a project in the United Kingdom or overseas, we provide our lift solutions throughout Europe.

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