Infra: temporary footbridges and lifts maintain optimal passenger flow

Temporary lift and footbridge to maintain an optimal passenger flow

Accessibility and reachability are very important in everyday life. It sounds obvious, but it is not always the case. Whether you plan to travel by bike, bus or airport, we all know how important accessibility to the infrastructure is. Every bus station, crossroad or airport will eventually need renovation or maintenance. Especially then it is important to keep these locations accessible to the public at all times. 

To ensure that every traveler can participate in society, it is important that height differences or barriers do not exclude anyone. That is why we developed temporary passenger lifts. User-friendly and indistinguishable from permanent lift systems. With our wide range of temporary lifts, we are Europe's largest lift rental company. And as a decisive family business, we are available 24/7. So you don't have to worry about temporary accessibility.


Let us keep your station accessible

For infrastructure contractors

Seperating construction and public improves efficiency.

For infrastructure administrators

Optimal traffic flow at al time.

For travelers

Public friendly lifts, stairs and footbridges.

For transport companies

Traffic disturbances kept to a minimum.

Temporary lift and footbridge to keep accessible routes 

Do you want to maintain the passenger flow during construction work at a bus station, airport or intersection? RECO Lift Solutions rents out temporary passenger lifts, wheelchair lifts and pedestrian bridges for rail infrastructure projects to provide solutions such as a temporary overpass. 

  • Separating construction and public improves efficiency
  • Traffic disturbances are kept to a minimum
  • Public-friendly stair towers and scaffolding materials
  • Timely installed equipment by our qualified staff
  • 24/7 breakdown service available  

Step-free access at all times with vertical platform lifts and RECO Plug and Play lifts

For disabled people, it’s important that public spaces such as stations are always accessible threshold-free. Because these locations often feature small elevations up to 3 metres, RECO Lift Solutions also rents temporary platform lifts. These lifts take up less space than a ramp, are more practical for public spaces than stair lifts, and quicker deployable than a complete temporary passenger lift. Do you need a higher passenger lift? The RECO Plug and Play Passenger Lift might be a good solution.

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Temporary footbridge hire & temporary passenger lift rental at bus station

In Ilpendam (Netherlands), contractor Van Gelder is improving the accessibility of the Waterland region by constructing a rush-hour bus lane between Purmerend and Ilpendam (N235). To keep the bus stops accessible to every passenger during the construction of a pedestrian tunnel, Van Gelder has chosen a fully accessible RECO pedestrian underpass. This includes a walkway with two stair towers and two temporary passenger lifts. In this way, barrier-free accessibility for travellers to the bus stops has been created.

Temporary pedestrian bridges

Temporary lifts at Manchester Airport

Manchester Airport underwent a major transition. Half of Terminal 2 was demolished for the renovation. To compensate for the lost capacity, Manchester Airport opened a temporary gate lounge in the airside for passengers. RECO Lift Solutions has fitted the lounge with two RECO PP Temporary Passenger Lifts. These enable travellers to reach the temporary lounge from Terminal 2. 

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Divert the public and maintain public access: temporary lifts, footbridges and walkways

Infrastructure projects such as the redevelopment of station areas require a strict planning and layout of the area during each construction phase. Especially if you're building on the area the size of a stamp because of the busy station location. This is why RECO Lift Solutions and RECO rent public-friendly scaffolding to construct temporary walkways for every situation and height. With a complete range including stair towers, lighting, power supply, fencing, and auxiliary materials, RECO and RECO Lift Solutions are able to offer bespoke work to keep your location accessible.

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