Pedestrian Bridges & Walkways

To maintain access horizontally we provide temporary pedestrian bridges and walkways. Our temporary pedestrian bridges and walkways are highly adjustable to any situation to maintain easy step-free access for public use. For example, a temporary pedestrian bridge can easily be adjusted to function as temporary overpass between the station platforms.

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Scaffold pedestrian bridges and walkways for public use

To develop the best solution in any situation, we use Layher scaffold materials to built temporary pedestrian bridges and walkways. For this purpose, Layher has developed special components to build pedestrian bridges and walkways according to safety regulations. These include non-slip surfaces, taller fences with double bars and special handrails for the visually impaired.

Temporary pedestrian bridges: versatile and quickly deployed

Temporary pedestrian bridges made of Layher scaffolding material are easy to adapt to any situation and assembled quickly. That is because the pedestrian bridge is calculated and assembled using Layher's standard section sizes. As an example, you will find various configurations of temporary pedestrian bridges below. 

Examples of temporary pedestrian bridges: 

Roads Avg. road width Bridge segments Span length Height
Double cycle lane 3.50 m 4 4.14 m 2.7 m
Single lane (one direction) 3.65 m 4 4.14 m 5.7 m
Home zones 5.50 m 5 6.21 m 5.7 m
Single carriageway (two lanes) 7.30 m 6 8.28 m 5.7 m
Single carriageway (bus route) 7.30 m 6 8.28 m 5.7 m
Wide single carriageway 10.00 m 7 10.35 m 5.7 m
Dual carriageway* (two lanes) 14.60 m 10 16.56 m 5.7 m
Dual carriageway* (three lanes) 22.00 m 13 22.77 m 5.7 m


Bespoke temporary walkways and stairs for residential buildings

Just like our temporary pedestrian bridges, our temporary walkways and stairs are also made of Layher scaffolding. This allows us to easily create customised temporary walkways for residential buildings. For example, to maintain access on each floor between an external lift and the apartments. If no stairs are available as an emergency exit, a temporary staircase is integrated into the temporary gallery as standard.

Full service: how we ensure safe and reliable pedestrian bridges

To ensure that every temporary pedestrian bridge, walkway or staircase is safe and can withstand any type of weather, we develop all constructions in-house. Our specialists carefully draw and calculate the construction, which is then assembled by specialised crews. Finally, the structure is certified by a licensed inspector. This allows you to focus on the progress of your project without any concern about your temporary pedestrian bridge or walkway.