Railway Footbridges

In order to maintain access at train stations and railway crossings we provide bespoke railway footbridges. Combined with our temporary lifts we can easily connect train platforms with a temporary railway crossing. Completely step-free accessible to wheelchair users thanks to our premium and lightweight lifts. These footbridges are highly adaptable, easy to assemble, and designed according to safety regulations for railway footbridges. This allows us to quickly draw and assemble a bespoke railway footbridge suitable for your situation. 

Deploying a railway footbridge without interference 

When deploying a temporary footbridge and lifts at a railway station, we make sure to keep any disturbances to a minimum. To do so, we often choose to assemble the bridges and lifts in one or two nights. Since there is little to no traffic in the station during these hours, we have more space to quickly place our footbridge and without causing inconvenience to passengers.

Special footbridge configurations to ensure safety and comfort

To make sure the bridge is safe and comfortable to use, we equip our bridges with special anti-slip plates and taller fences with double bars. To offer a little more comfort to people afraid of heights, the anti-slip surface plates are completely closed. The fences are specially raised according to the guidelines for railway footbridges. And to ensure everyone can use the railway footbridge, we provide special railings along the steps for the visually impaired.

Step-free access by railway footbridge with premium lifts

To offer step-free access to the railway footbridge we deploy our premium lifts to each side. These lifts offer a spacious lift cabin indistinguishable from a regular passenger lift. They are easy to operate by using the standard lift buttons and are equipped with mirror and handrail.

Externally the lifts are fully enclosed by a modular lift shaft which has the same dimensions as a shipping container. Therefor the lifts are quickly delivered and easily installed without inconveniences. Perfect if you need a temporary footbridge with lifts installed quickly and without any inconveniences.

Railway footbridge to maintain access between platforms

The first time we delivered a railway footbridge in Sweden was in 2014. By assembling the temporary footbridge we kept both railway platforms accessible for passengers. The footbridge construction was adjusted to meet the safety regulations in Sweden. To offer step-free access to the railway footbridge, we placed two of our premium lifts. Thanks to the success of this project, our client has often used our railway footbridges ever since.

Lightweight lifts: maintain step-free access with less impact on platforms

When a complete lift shaft does not fit or is too heavy for the platform, we deploy lightweight passenger lifts. These lifts are just as easy to operate as our premium lifts, compact to transport and quickly ready for use. In fact, what makes these lifts ideal for stations is that they can be easily transported through a station entrance hall and placed with just a small Manitou crane.

Railway footbridges with lightweight lifts at train station

When lifts were temporarily out of service at a railway station in the Netherlands, we deployed a railway footbridge. This railway footbridge was fully custom-made to connect the platforms. Since the foundation of the platforms could not hold the weight of our premium lifts, our lightweight lifts were the best solution. The entire railway footbridge and the lifts were assembled and inspected in only a couple of days, preventing any inconvenience for the passengers or the train stations’ services.