RECO Lift Solutions is part of RECO Group

RECO: a family-business for over 65 years

RECO Lift Solutions is a proud partner of RECO Group. In 2018, the family business achieved the RECO milestone of its 65-year birthday. After 65+ years, RECO Group consists of 5 companies, each with its own specialism. Thanks to close cooperation between several specialists, we provide our customers with equipment as a total supplier. The binding elements between the affiliated companies are the common focus on technical service provision and our shared core values: technical advice, complete solutions, family business, and providing assurance. Would you like to know more about the different RECO Group specialisms? Take a look at our partners’ websites below.

The evolution of RECO Group

Since 1953, RECO is the leading complete partner in equipment rentals, with offices in the Netherlands, Germany, and the United Kingdom. By means of tight cooperation, we use 5 specialist companies to supply our customers with a complete equipment solution. This way our customers benefit from RECO Group’s strengths. It’s not just about equipment rental though, as our customers also depend on our service and unique tailored advice. We’re a dynamic and incisive family business. Which is reflected in our history: in the eighties, RECO was the very first equipment rental company in the Netherlands also able to give technical advice. Our extensive range, qualitative equipment, and personal approach ensures RECO is an excellent equipment partner.

RECO is a true family business, which is reflected by our open and informal company structure. RECO is devoted to its workers, as its workers are devoted to RECO. The pleasant working atmosphere ensures our workers enjoy working for us indefinitely. This is why we often celebrate 12.5-year or 25-year anniversaries!