Lift rental for retail

Equipped with all amenities featuring threshold-free emergency lifts for your customers and staff

From lift maintenance in a large department store to the redevelopment of a shopping centre: maintenance and renovation are a necessary evil for retailers. Especially if you miss revenue due to your store being no longer accessible. RECO Lift Solutions rents several temporary passenger lifts and public-friendly scaffolding materials so your store can remain open and accessible every day. Moreover, you can decorate the temporary passenger lift so it can't be distinguished from your shopping experience.

Next to escalator and lift maintenance or a major store renovation, our lifts can also be rented for maintenance projects in car parks or for the accessibility of a temporary car park. A spacious passenger lift in the car park is not only important for your customers, but also for your staff, suppliers, and emergency services. Are you dealing with a malfunction of the temporary passenger lift? Our breakdown service is available to you 24/7 RECO Lift Solutions rents materials for every situation to keep accesses to shopping areas threshold free.

Keep your store accessible? Leave it to us

Accessible for visitors, retailers, and property owners

  • For shoppers and visitors
    From temporary mobility scooter storage to lift for shopping trolleys.
  • For retailers and franchisers
    24/7 accessible lifts featuring your shopping experience theme.
  • For property development and area management
    Bespoke layout and multiannual lift rental, tailored to your needs.
  • For car park managers
    A lift installation for every car park, indoors and out.

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IKEA Plaisir (West Paris)

The IKEA Plaisir store is being expanded after 20 years. During the renovation, the store will remain accessible through a temporary store entrance with a RECO PP Passenger Lift. This is how the store not only remained accessible, but the retailer was also able to maintain the visitor flow.

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More mobility

No challenge is too great for us. Together with RECO, we’re able to implement accessibility across your whole store. Next to temporary passenger lifts, you can also rent pedestrian bridges, construction and crush barriers, lighting, and generators, so your store will stay accessible at all times. Using public-friendly scaffolding, we can install threshold-free walkways to keep your customers coming. 

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