Temprary footbridge and passenger lifts maintain barrier-free railway crossing near Berlin (Germany)

In Germany, we regularly deploy our lifts to temporary railway footbridges in order to maintain a barrier-free railway crossing. In order to connect two areas in Mahlow, just below Berlin, we recently fitted two passenger lifts to a temporary railway footbridge for the coming months. This is because the railway line that runs from Dresden to Berlin via Mahlow is being expanded on behalf of Deutsche Bahn. During the work, the regular railway crossing in Mahlow will remain closed.

Temporary passenger lifts with free-standing 12-metre lift shafts

Commissioned by STRABAG Rail GmbH we have equipped the railway footbridge in Mahlow with 2 temporary public lifts. STRABAG Rail GmbH has constructed 2 combined concrete foundations for the railway footbridge and passenger lifts. By anchoring the 12 metre lift shafts in the foundation, anchoring the passenger lifts to the footbridge was not necessary. As with many footbridges and railway crossings, the RECO Plug and Play lifts are the best passenger lifts for this project.

That’s why RECO Plug and Play passenger lifts are the best choice for railway footbridges: 

  • Plenty of space for bicycles, wheelchairs and luggage (max. 12 persons);
  • Fits easily near any trainstation with a small footprint of 7.25m²;
  • Tunr-key assembly within one working day;
  • The complete lift up to 21 metres can be transported in one trip;
  • Easy to operate using standard button controls;
  • Neat appearance and barely distinguishable from a permanent lift.

Rent a RECO Plug and Play lift

Temporary passenger lifts installed within a day at the railway footbridge

Both lifts were mounted onto the railway footbridge the same day. Thanks to the compact lift shafts of the RECO Plug and Play lifts, they were quickly transported to Germany. TÜV SÜD then immediately inspected the lifts so that they were ready for use on Monday. Our lift partner in Germany, Schmitt + Sohn GmbH, will support us in the coming months with maintenance and service.