Railway footbridge and passenger lifts installed at Maastricht station (NL)

A contracting firm from Noordeloos (NL) is renovating the existing lifts between the platforms and the station footbridge on behalf of ProRail. To maintain access to and from the train platforms, we installed a temporary railway footbridge, accompanied by two passenger lifts for wheelchair access. 

48 metre crane span

A telescopic crane was used to hoist the necessary materials. The best location for this purpose was the far side of the tracks on Meerssenerweg. From this location, the Blansjaar BV crane company from Wateringen used a 300-tm crane to hoist the materials during a 52-hour suspension of service. When doing so, the equipment crossed a total of 5 tracks and 1 centre platform, while the maximum crane span was approximately 48 metres.

GEDA P18S temporary passenger lifts: compact, lightweight

Because of the long crane span, RECO opted to use two temporary GEDA P18S passenger lifts. The base module of this type of passenger lift only weighs 2,750 kilograms. As a result, the crane capacity required for the necessary span was limited to a 300-tm crane. The passenger lifts were then approved by the Lift Institute on Sunday, allowing the public to use them fully independently 24/7.

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Speed of assembly

RECO employs Layher’s Allround system for its scaffolding solutions. In this system, the railway footbridge is prefabricated and delivered Just-In-Time. RECO hoisted the materials and assembled them in a period of just 12 hours. Among other things, the set-up comprised two buttresses with ballast, one passenger-friendly stairway tower, one passenger-friendly railway footbridge and two temporary GEDA P18S passenger lifts.

Knowledge and expertise

‘In both the preparation and the implementation, we found that RECO has knowledge and expertise in the field of accessibility issues within a railway environment’, said Vincent de Vries, Project Manager at Wallaard BV. ‘Despite the trying circumstances due to strong winds, RECO’s technicians and the Blansjaar crane company succeeded in installing the set-up faultlessly as well as within the planned assembly time. Wallaard values this type of commitment’, said Vincent.

International experience

Today, RECO’s temporary passenger lifts from RECO Lift Solutions in Waddinxveen are being used throughout Europe for infrastructure projects, among other things. For instance, a temporary footbridge with three temporary RECO PP passenger lifts was completed for Deutsche Bahn at a station in Berlin this spring. Find out more in this article.

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