Temporary railway footbridge deployed at metro station in Amsterdam (NL)

Hegeman+ Bouw & Infra has won a contract to upgrade 16 metro stations in Amsterdam. RECO is supporting Hegeman+ in maintaining 100% barrier-free access to the platforms for passengers. Following the completion of work on the metro stations Van der Madeweg (2016), Spaklerweg (2017) en Venserpolder (2018), RECO has now deployed its equipment at Verrijn Stuartweg station.

Separated passenger flow

As was the case with the previous stations, the ticket hall of the Verrijn Stuartweg station is undergoing a complete renovation. In order to prevent any disruption from passenger flows, Hegeman+ has opted for temporary access solutions at the station. To this end, RECO deployed an entirely barrier-free accessible railway footbridge at the station. Given that the metro track runs on a raised embankment, this involved a significant height gap being bridged from ground level.

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Layher Allround scaffolding solution

For all its scaffolding solutions, RECO works exclusively with the Allround system provided by Layher – a global supplier of scaffolding solutions based in Germany, which specialises in temporary solutions for public events. A key advantage of working with Layher is that its scaffolding systems meet the requirement of user-friendliness. This is not only expressed in terms of the required load capacity, but equally in the finish of the equipment and the specific materials used, which result in the scaffolding solutions meeting all the safety requirements for public use.

Relieving the embankment

The railway footbridge was prefabricated at the site in Koudekerk aan de Rijn, delivered to the station and hoisted into position in a single movement. The railway footbridge has a span that is long enough that it avoids having to rest on the embankment, with two heavy-duty shoring towers supporting the railway footbridge on either side of the track.

Use of temporary GEDA P18S passenger lifts

In order to ensure safe and step-free access to the railway footbridge for passengers, RECO once again chose to install two GEDA P18S temporary passenger lifts. To achieve enough stability in the footbridge, the assembly was fitted with ballast blocks, with the mast sections of the GEDA lifts being anchored by struts that can be adjusted in length.

Specialist in user-friendly accessibility solutions

Over the past 10 years, RECO has refined its specialisation in temporary accessibility solutions for traffic hubs such as railway and metro stations and airports, working on projects ranging from the installation of a single user-friendly stairway to the renovation of an entire station (such as Utrecht CS). RECO is able to differentiate itself from its competitors in that it is able to offer clients flexible, safe and user-friendly solutions that can assembled and disassembled rapidly under one roof. This helps to keep traffic hubs accessible for all passengers.

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