Temporary pedestrian bridge hire

Work activities at stations, roads, tunnels, or bridges often lead to disturbances for pedestrians. By deploying our pedestrian bridge during these activities, we limit disturbance and pedestrians can go about unhindered. In combination with our temporary stairs we create a diversion around the work activities. 

Temporary footbridge hire with complete service

  • Equipment
  • Calculation
  • Transport
  • Assembly 

RECO has the proper specialists in house and owns all of the equipment and transport. In combination with more than 65 years of experience, we are able to act flexibly, quickly, and properly. Request a non-binding quote or contact us. 

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Temporary pedestrian bridge as connection piece for platforms 

In 2014, we were asked to deliver our first pedestrian bridge in Sweden. We ensured that platforms remained accessible for pedestrians at a railway. The following years, we have deployed our pedestrian bridge many times. At the Maastricht station, for instance. We placed our temporary lifts here, whilst the existing lifts were renovated. This way, the commuters were able to safely access the platforms. 

Mobility equipment for rail and infra

Temporary footbridge for separating commuters and work activities 

By using a pedestrian bridge, commuters are shielded from the work activities. This project shows how we installed a pedestrian bridge at a busy bus station in Ilpendam. The temporary bridge was placed at a route where 1,200 buses drove around daily! 

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