Platform lift hire

In case you need a temporary lift for thresholds and limited heights, we rent out vertical platform lifts and wheelchair lifts. Boasting a large area and safe lifting speed, these temporary platform lifts are suitable for passengers and goods. For heights up to 1 / 1.5m, you can hire RECO Wheelchair Lifts. For heights up to 3m, you can hire RECO Platform Lifts. These platform lifts are easy to use and don’t take up a lot of space. As the lifts can be installed within 24 hours, they are suitable to use as temporary lifts in case of escalator or lifting platform malfunctions. This way, we keep your location threshold-free and accessible for wheelchairs, mobility scooters, and roll cages with heavy loads. 

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Vertical platform lift rental & wheelchair lift hire: the benefits

  • Hire temporary platform lifts for every height up to 3 meters; 
  • Available in 4 models with different lifting capacities and platform dimensions; 
  • Practical platform lifts for threshold-free accesses in public spaces; 
  • Easy to use and safe with roll safeguards; 
  • Takes up little space; 
  • All wheelchair lifts and platform lifts can be installed indoors and outdoors; 

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Vertical platform lift rental for step-free train station or care centre 

Disabled people are dependent on passenger lifts or ramps both at home and in public spaces. This is not only the case for care homes, but also for public spaces such as train stations and shopping areas. As these spaces don’t always have room for a ramp, stair lift, or large temporary passenger lift, RECO Lift Solutions also rents out temporary platform lifts. WIth their small size, quick applicability, and low cost, we ensure your residents and visitors can keep using your location. 

Let us keep your public location accessible

platform lift hire at a professional vertical wheelchair access lift company

Your goods quickly on location with a vertical platform lift 

The advantage of platform lifts is that the lifting platform can also be used as a platform lift for goods. You can fit several roll cages on the threshold-free lifting platform to quickly transport your goods from A to B. Which is not only perfect for backstage goods transport during events, but also for catering services in healthcare. This way, you ensure your goods flow and your catering services can still use a quick, threshold-free route. 

Wheelchair platform lift hire: wheelchair-proof event

Are you hosting an event with a stand adjusted for disabled people or wheelchair users? Our vertical platform lifts and wheelchair access lifts might offer you a practical solution. With a small area and a 230V connection, the lift will be installed at your location in no time at all. Moreover, the lifts are easy to use and very suitable for events. Would you like the lift to sport the branding of your event? That’s possible on request. Contact our lift advisors for more information about the possibilities of platform lift rental for events. 

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Platform lift hire: transport, installation, and assessment 

Platform lifts are unique because they are very easy to install. These lifts do not have to be anchored to facades and only need a 220V connection. Which makes for less work and adjustments on site, so the lift is quickly ready for use. Moreover, transport costs are limited as the lifts can be transported using trailers or our express transport. These lifts are assessed and commissioned by our own specialist. Perfect for when you quickly need a lift in case of an emergency. 

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