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Maintenance or work activities on your location often cause mobility issues. Parts of a location become badly accessible because the normal lift is out of use, stairwells are closed or pathways are temporarily not accessible. No matter which mobility issues you face, we always have a solution. From temporary mobility scooter storages to railway crossings or temporary walkways for flats. To customise this for you, we work together with several specialists within RECO Holding.

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RECO Lift Assistance

Temporary pedestrian bridge hire

Temporary stairs

Temporary walkways

Temporary mobility scooter storage

Everything you need to keep your location accessible in one place 

Temporary lifts, mobility scooter storages, temporary stairs and temporary pedestrian bridges are available in our extensive range. Which is why at RECO Lift Solutions, you work with one partner and one contact. Our advisors like to think along with you to find the best suitable equipment to keep the building accessible and its users mobile. 

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Temporary walkways, stairs, and pedestrian bridges

Our supplementary mobility solutions contribute to the facilitation of accessibility. Need two buildings connected? We'll deploy our temporary walkways. Stairwell closed? Our temporary stairs enable everyone to move about. In need of a railway crossing? Our temporary pedestrian bridges are deployed to cross over roads or rails. And by installing the equipment quickly at a disclosed time, we ensure all project disturbances are kept to a minimum.  

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Keeping mobility scooters safe and accessible 

The mobility scooter is an important mode of transport for disabled people. They often use it daily to get from A to B. During lift malfunctions or work activities, it’s often the case mobility scooter can’t get upstairs. Nevertheless, you want to help the residents with a solution. How? By using our mobility scooter storage! 

Mobility scooters can be parked in our storage which can be accessed by residents at all times. The mobility scooter storage will be delivered custom-made, is equipped with charging points and a proper lock. This way, residents can keep moving and leave their scooter with complete peace of mind.  

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Personal lift assistant

Next to our various products, we also offer a lift assistance service. During work activities, the lift assistant will be there to keep residents informed of the work. The lift assistant helps residents out with the things that can be tricky during lift malfunctions or maintenance. 

One of the things he/she does, is assisting residents with operating the temporary lift. Another thing they can do is help out with the groceries. By deploying a lift assistant, residents are not alone during lift malfunctions or maintenance, and they can carry out their daily activities without any issues. 

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