Corporate Social Responsibility

Family business through and through

As a family business, we like to invest in people’s futures and their surroundings. We make space for personal development and think about people, the environment, and sponsoring. Safety, education, and green development are fixed points on the calendar. On this page you can read about our MVO Policy and how we, as a lift rental company, conduct business in an deliberate and responsible way. We do this on the basis of the 3 Ps: People, Planet, and Profit.

People: from pleasant working atmosphere to personal development

People are our focal point in all facets at RECO Lift Solutions. Whether we install emergency lifts at a healthcare centre or organise a Safe Work training. RECO Lift Solutions invests in people. Which is one of the reasons we work with people distanced from the employment market and everyone receives personal attention. This enables our workers to specialise further in their roles and enjoying their work more. Last, it's important that everyone is able to happily get back to their families at home again. Which is why RECO Lift Solutions is VCA certified and a member of the following branch organisations:


Social employer awarded with PSO certification 

On 1 February 2021, we were awarded the Aspirant Status on the PSO (Performance Ladder Being a More Social Enterprise). We’re very proud of that! An independent assessment carried out by a certifying organisation indicates that RECO Lift Solutions is demonstrably a more social enterprise. We help people with a vulnerable employment status in a permanent and qualitative way Part of how we do that is by cooperating with MBO Rijnland (Rijnland college) and the UWV (Netherlands Employees Insurance Agency) to facilitate work placements in our own organisation, and by promoting social enterprise to our suppliers and commissioners. In 2022, we expect to take a further step on the ladder and achieve Step 1.

More about our PSO certification

Certified technology teaching company

Collaborative organisation Beroepsonderwijs Bedrijfsleven (Vocational Business Education) recognises RECO Lift Solutions as a teaching company for apprenticeships and work experiences for lift technology and mechatronics. Which is why we mentor our apprentices so they get the opportunity to learn on the work floor.

Interested in work experience or an apprenticeship? Take a look at

Planet: circular with modular lifts

At RECO Lift Solutions, we continually look into new technologies to reduce the footprint of our services. We use renewal energy from solar panels and minimise the energy needs of our work using LED lighting and energy-efficient machines. Our temporary lifts are equipped with ‘Blue Mode’ controls. This way, all the non-essential energy users are disabled until they are requested again.

An important green aspect of our services is reusing our material. By using modular lifts we can maximise the reuse of components and materials. After each project the lifts are assessed and we replace worn components. Which is how we maximise the manufacturing process.

Profit: Gains for the community

Next to personal development and circular company activities, we also invest our profits in local associations and events. Young people develop social capabilities and gain practical experience working in organisational roles. Which is why RECO Lift Solutions sponsors the following initiatives: 

  • Football club Vessum
  • Volleyball club ZVH
  • Football club Moerkapelle
  • Football club Alphense Boys
  • Sponsor race Navigate North
  • Van Uden RECO Regatta

Questions about sponsoring? Call 0182 - 74 40 50