Temporary Wheelchair Lift 1.3 m

The temporary wheelchair step lift with a maximum height of 1.3 metres is perfect for wheelchair access to levelled surfaces and intermediate floors. This lift is a bit wider than our wheelchair step lifts of 1 metre height, allowing people in mobility scooters to access the lift more easily. These lifts are often deployed at care centres and events for wheelchair access, but can also be of good use in roofed shopping areas.

General data

Passenger capacity
Lifting capacity
230 kg
Max. entrances
Operation controls
Press-and-hold buttons
Lifting speed
1.0 m/min

Safety & Accessibility

Wheelchair suitable
Mobility scooter suitable
Automatic wheel stop barrier
Mechanical wheel stop barriers
Weather proof
Emergency stop button
No, but lift automatically stops when buttons are released
Emergency call-out system
Emergency lowering system
Yes, mechanical


Max. lift height
1.28 m
Total size (WxL)
2575 x 1310 mm
Space within platform
2010 x 940 mm
Min. opening width in facade
1200 mm
Lift entrance width
1100 mm
300 kg

Power supply

Power supply
230V / 3PH / 50 Hz
16 A

Low rise platform lift for wheelchair access

When access to a levelled surface is restricted, most people can still take the stairs. But for wheelchair users it’s a different story. Therefor we provide low rise platform lifts to easily maintain wheelchair access in any area. Due to it’s small external dimensions, these step lifts can easily be deployed indoor.

Temporary step lifts: quickly deployed, easy to use

To prevent any inconveniences by installing the step lift, our technician is able to deploy the lift in a matter of hours. Thanks to its lightweight design, the lift can easily be moved indoors. After placing the lift in the designated area, it only requires a 230V power supply for it to be operational. After connecting the lift and testing if it works properly, the lift is ready to use.

The step lifts are designed to be used by wheelchair users independently. The outer controls are placed at an easy accessible height to call the lift. Once the wheelchair user has moved onto the platform the controls are positioned to the side of the metal panels.

RECO's step lifts: compact and lightweight for seamless integration

The temporary wheelchair step lift 1.3 m is an excellent lightweight and compact lift for indoor use. Due to it’s small size and neutral design, it can be integrated into any location. In the past we’ve deployed these lifts in roofed shopping centres, at train stations, in hospitals and in even in residential housing.