RECO Plug and Play passenger lift

Quickly deployed, indistinguishable from regular passenger lifts and bespoke landing heights: our RECO Plug and Play passenger lift is unmistakably the most popular temporary lift. The entire lift is built within the dimensions of a 20ft shipping container, allowing us to transport the passenger lift with only one or two lorries. And once you step inside the lift cabin you won’t notice the difference between our temporary lift and a regular passenger lift.

General data

Lifting capacity
1000 kg
Passenger capacity
12 passenger(s)
Max. number of entrances
Operation controls
Buttons per floor as usual in passenger lifts
Lift speed
48.0 m/min

Safety & Accessibility

Wheelchair suitable
Mobility scooter suitable
Weather proof
Emergency stop button
Emergency call-out system
Emergency lowering system


Width of lift entrance
900 mm
Max. lift height
21.00 m
Total size (WxL)
2900 x 2500 mm
Space within lift (WxLxH)
2100 x 1100 x 2200 mm

Power supply

Power supply
400V / 3PH / 50 Hz
32 A

The ideal passenger lift for public transport and residential housing: 

  • Compact design
  • Quick installation with just a single crane flight
  • Spacious walk-through lift cabin for up to 12 people
  • Indistinguishable from a regular lift

Traction lift with walk-through lift cabin: safe, quick, and comfortable

To create a temporary lift that is just as comfortable as any other lift, we’ve outfitted the Plug and Play passenger lifts with a traction drive. This type of lift mechanism allows for faster and smooth vertical movement without too much noise. The traction lift mechanism has enough capacity to load up to 1,000kg or 12 people.

For more flexibility the passenger lift features a walk-through cabin. Wheelchair users or emergency services with stretchers can now easily enter from one side and exit the lift without having to turn around or go backwards. When the passenger lift is installed the entrances at each floor are made completely threshold-free.

Plug and Play: ready-to-go with only a single crane flight

The RECO Plug and Play passenger lift has earned its name on numerous project ever since we built the first lift. We designed the lift so that it can be transported with one lorry and be placed with a single crane flight. 

To do so, the entire lift is housed in a lift shaft the size of a 20ft shipping container. If more height is required, the lift shaft can be extended with a second container. This allows us to place and connect the lift in a single crane flight, ready-to-go at any location. 


Installed overnight, access provided in the morning

That is why these passenger lifts are a favourite for many train station managers and housing associations. The small dimensions and the walk-through cabin make it easy to find the perfect spot for the lift installation. And quick installation prevents any disruptions for residents or the many people using the terminal zone.

Plug and Play lift at train station in Rotterdam

For example, at the Rotterdam Alexander railway station over 37,000 people require access to and from the platforms every day. Passenger lifts play a crucial role in this, especially to those who are unable to take the stairs.

To maintain access without causing inconvenience we installed Plug and Play passenger lifts overnight on both sides of the tracks. When the last bus left at 1am, it was the go-ahead for us to start installation. Before the bus drivers started their first drive in the morning, the Plug and Play lift was fully operational!