Replacement lift during lift maintenance? This is how a housing association in Hoevelaken (NL) solved the situation

During lift maintenance, residents often fear that they will be without a lift for weeks. And rightly so, because if you suddenly have to climb four flights of stairs every day, it can be quite frustrating. Let alone with people who are dependent on a walking frame or wheelchair. To prevent this, a housing association in Hoevelaken (Netherlands) asked the lift company, Mitsubishi Elevator Europe, to provide a replacement lift. Mitsubishi called in RECO Lift Solutions to install a temporary lift. 


Liftadvies van RECO Lift Solutions: de beste lift voor de bewoners

To determine which lift would be most suitable for the residents, our specialist first carried out a lift survey. A temporary platform lift quickly proved to be an excellent solution. Particularly because wheelchair and mobility scooter users live here and the height is less than 3 metres. The platform lifts also offer enough capacity for the number of residents and are well within the budget for lift maintenance. 

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RECO Platform lifts: Fast assembly and barrier-free

Within a day, the platform lift was ready for use. To make the lift barrier-free, we have installed a small ramp on the ground floor. On the first floor, we finished the landing with sheet material. The practical aspect of these lifts is that they can be installed without a crane and only require a 230 V power supply. This allows us to connect them quickly and easily in almost any situation.

Platform lift converted to next block in one day

In week 7, the lift operation will start on the second lift. For this purpose, we will convert the platform lift to the second set-up within one day. Want to know more about temporary lifts for planned lift maintenance? Read our blog!