Taking a lift out of service for maintenance? How to choose the right temporary lift

When the lift is temporarily out of service, this generally has two causes: a lift malfunction or planned lift maintenance. In both cases, it is important for housing associations or owners' associations to ensure that the flats remain accessible and to provide clear communication to the residents.

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Lift buiten gebruik door gepland liftonderhoud

Is your lift soon to be out of service due to scheduled lift maintenance? As a housing corporation or owners' association, you want to know which temporary lift you need. RECO Lift Solutions has a suitable solution for every situation with our wide range of temporary stairlifts, platformlifts and temporary passenger lifts, as well as additional lift services such as lift assistance and technical services. Our lift consultant will be happy to determine which lift would best suit your premises. Want to get an overview of what needs to be done for yourself? Then answer the questions below:

1. Are residents dependent on a walking frame, wheelchair or mobility scooter?

  • Yes: a temporary passenger lift or a platform lift is likely the best solution. Is the lift needed for just a short period of time or less than three floors? Then we can deploy stairlifts, in combination with a mobility scooter storage, lift assistance and loaner rollators.
  • No: see next question

2. Do any residents have difficulty climbing stairs?

For example with shopping, pets or household waste

  • Yes: if so, we will use a barrier-free, temporary passenger lift or stairlifts with a lift assistant to help the residents. 
  • No: then a replacement lift might not be necessary. Does your building have more than 3 floors? Then use a replacement lift to prevent your residents from having to climb a lot of stairs.

3. How tall is the building in which the lift is out of order? 

  • Up to 3 metres or 1 floor: a platform lift is a swift and practical solution.
  • 1 to 3 floors: then temporary stairlifts or the RECO Indoorlift are usually the best solution. 
  • 3 to 8 floors: you could use stairlifts, but temporary passenger lifts are often the most practical solution for the residents.
  • More than 8 floors: temporary passenger lifts are the best solution.

4. Is your building sufficiently accessible for emergency services when the lift is temporarily out of use? 

For example, for stretchers

  • Yes: in which case we will use stair lifts. 
  • No: in that case, we will use a temporary passenger lift. 

Temporary passenger lifts  Platformliften Temporary stairlifts

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The building needs a temporary passenger lift, but is the facade suitable for this?

A temporary passenger lift can be placed for virtually any type of building. But because no two buildings are the same, this often requires customisation. Therefore, our lift consultant first visits your location. He then examines the following questions to determine how best to ensure the mobility of your residents when the lift is out of service. 

Our lift consultant will investigate for you:

  • Is there a gallery or stairwell to which a temporary lift can be connected? 
  • What is the most ideal set-up location for a temporary lift for your residents?
  • Are any structural modifications required for the temporary lift installation? 
  • Which walkways and corridors remain available to your residents?
  • Is any additional equipment required, such as a temporary walkway or mobility scooter storage?

Do I need to arrange anything else before the lift is installed?

Almost nothing. At RECO Lift Solutions, we take the entire process off your hands. All we ask is a suitable power supply. Is this not available? Then we'll arrange it together with your home electrician. Is a connection not possible? Then we will install generators with the help of our sister company RECO.

Services and agreements that we take care of for you:

  • Het aanvragen van vergunningen voor het opstellen van een tijdelijke lift
  • Applying for permits for the installation of a temporary lift
  • The KLIC notification for the excavation of the lift pit (if necessary)
  • Structural adjustments in cooperation with your regular installer
  • A mobile crane for the installation (incl. the permit for crane work)
  • Transport of the equipment to your location
  • Assembly and disassembly of the lift equipment
  • On-site inspection by an independent party (Bureau Veritas)

How long does it take to install a temporary lift?

If stairlifts are the best solution for your residents, we can start the installation immediately. Within 4 hours we are on site and can install stairlifts in the stairwell per floor in 30 minutes. Temporary passenger lifts can generally be installed within two working days. The on-site inspection is usually scheduled for the last day of installation, but can sometimes take place a day later. After the inspection, the lift can be put into operation.

What happens if the temporary lift stops unexpectedly?

It rarely happens, but if our temporary lift unexpectedly stops working, our 24/7 service is ready to solve the problem. All our lifts are equipped with a voice connection that is directly connected to the alarm centre of your lift company. What to do in case of an emergency is agreed with you and the lift company and recorded in a tailor-made emergency plan.

Using a replacement lift: our mobility solutions

If you want to use a replacement lift when the lift is temporarily out of service, use RECO Lift Solutions to ensure the mobility of the residents. We will not only install the lift, but take care of the entire process for you: from site surveys and permit applications to making appointments with your regular installer for any structural modifications.

Preparation of temporary lift installation: from site survey to HSE project plan

After visiting your location, our lift consultant makes a situation drawing for the installation of the lift. He will consult your caretaker or regular installer to discuss any structural modifications and will draw up an emergency plan in consultation with the lift company. In consultation with all parties, he draws up a central HSE project plan and a no-obligation quotation that sets out how we will ensure the safety of everyone involved. This way, you know exactly what is going to happen and what the time frame is for when your lift is temporarily out of service.  

No-obligation quotation for your long-term maintenance budget (MJOB)

Do you want to estimate the costs for your long-term maintenance planning? Then we will be happy to prepare a no-obligation quotation for you. Because the quotation and the project plan remain valid for several years, you will also know what is needed if unexpected extra maintenance is required. Would you like to have a contingency plan drawn up to have lifts installed ad hoc after a calamity? If so, we will add this to your no-obligation quote. 

Receive a ready-made quotation for your MJOB

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