RECO Lift 1.0 hire

Many people living in housing complexes are dependent on their lift in their day-to-day life. Which is why lift maintenance or malfunctions are not only frustrating, but can also be dangerous. With the RECO 1.0 Lift we offer a temporary passenger lift that can be built rapidly. Your location van be equipped with a fully-functioning temporary lift within 48 hours. The temporary lift offers an entrance without a threshold, which is why it’s easy to use by wheelchair, zimmer frame or mobility scooter users.

Capacity and Sizes

Lifting capacity
1000 kg
Passenger capacity
Max. lift height
65.00 m
Total size width x length
4500 x 2500 mm
Internal space (width x length x height)
2100 x 1100 x 2200 mm
Max entrances

Electrical data

Lift speed
24.0 m/min
400 V
32 A

Safe and spacious: the temporary passenger lift for every user

The RECO 1.0 Passenger Lift can carry loads up to 1,000kg and can transport up to 12 people. The lift cabin also offers adequate space for emergency services with stretchers. The RECO 1.0 Passenger Lift has been approved according to Machine Directive 98/37/EC, complying to EN 81-1 EN 12159. The lift is also weather resistant thanks to the modular lift shaft. This means the RECO 1.0 will carry your residents through wind and rain. 


A fully-fledged lift with comfort and safety in mind 

De RECO 1.0 lift is a fully-fledged temporary lift which can be installed quickly and offers optimal comfort for residents. Which is why we’ve already placed 16 RECO 1.0 lifts commissioned by Wonen Breburg, a housing corporation with nearly 30,000 rental properties in Breda, Tilburg, and surroundings. Because safety is key, we’ve added access control systems to the temporary lifts. This ensures only people with rights of access can enter the lift .


More mobility 

Together with our RECO Holding partners we offer more equipment for creating a temporary, threshold-free access to your location. In addition to passenger lifts, we also offer, amongst other, emergency stairs, pedestrian accesses, walkways, and mobility scooter storages. Do your visitors or residents need some extra assistance? We'll happily provide them our assistance by carrying their baggage or operating the stair lifts. That way, we create suitable accessibility solutions for every property, audience, and situation. 

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