Temporary passenger lift and stairlifts for modernisation in Gouda (NL)

Freedom of movement might seem like the most normal thing in the world. Unfortunately, for a lot of people, that certainty is quickly lost when the lift is out of service. In such cases, a temporary passenger lift is a good solution. But as a housing association, you do not have an unlimited budget for emergency facilities. To keep costs within budget without compromising accessibility, we at RECO Lift Solutions will always recommend a suitable lift for your housing association.


Lift modernisation in multiple apartment buildings

In Gouda (NL), KONE B.V. is working on the lifts of several apartment buildings this year. To ensure residents' freedom of movement, we were asked to install temporary lifts. It was important to properly identify which residents depend on the lifts. After all, each apartment building consists of both rental and owner-occupied homes and is managed by both the owner-occupied association, the property manager and the housing association. In short, each apartment building not only has a different groups of tenants, but also different budgets for the costs of the passenger lifts.

Every home accessible by stair lifts and a RECO 1.0 passenger lift

It soon became apparent that in the tallest apartment building, several residents are completely dependent on the lift. Stairlifts are not an option for these residents, as they cannot take their walking frames or wheelchairs with them. For this apartment building, we used a RECO 1.0 temporary passenger lift as an emergency lift.

For the other apartment buildings, we recommended deploying stair lifts, but not on every floor. Because the buildings are connected by walkways at different levels, it was not necessary to install stairlifts in every stairwell on every floor. By first identifying which residents needed a stairlift and which walking route they take, we were able to reduce the costs of the stairlifts for the managers.

Securing the temporary lift: code lock against unauthorised access

On the ground floor, the temporary passenger lift is directly accessible from the street. To prevent unauthorised individuals entering an apartment building via the lift, the door to the lift is fitted with a code lock as standard. This is convenient, as it allows residents to pass the code on to any home care or family by phone, without the risk of anyone losing the key.

Will your lifts be out of service soon due to maintenance or modernisation? Call our specialist and ask for advice on how to best keep your apartment building accessible. At RECO Lift Solutions, you can always request a quote without obligation for your maintenance plan.