GEDA passenger lift with metal doors

Our GEDA passenger lift are an excellent choice for renovation projects when you need a passenger lift for both construction personnel and the residents. It’s user-friendly, threshold-free accessible, and it’s robust enough to withstand any damage from construction materials. That’s how our GEDA passenger lifts allow you to kill two birds with one stone!

General data

Lifting capacity
1000 kg
Passenger capacity
12 passenger(s)
Max. number of entrances
Operation controls
Buttons per floor as usual in passenger lifts
Lift speed
30.0 m/min

Safety & Accessibility

Wheelchair suitable
Mobility scooter suitable
Weather proof
Emergency stop button
Emergency call-out system
Emergency lowering system


Width of lift entrance
1000 mm
Max. lift height
100.00 m
Total size (WxL)
3200 x 2500 mm
Space within lift (WxLxH)
2600 x 1400 x 2100 mm

Power supply

Power supply
400V / 3PH / 50 Hz
32 A

The ideal passenger lift for renovation projects in public housing: 

  • User-friendly and threshold-free accessible
  • Small dimensions avoids blocking traffic in the area
  • Payload capacity up to 1,000 kg or 12 people
  • Robust design to withstand any damage from building materials

Passenger lift for public access and construction jobs

Our GEDA passenger lift can be installed nearly anywhere. Due to its small external dimensions, it won’t take up much space at ground level. This leaves more space for the storage of building materials or prevent the lift from blocking passing traffic.

With a maximum payload capacity of 1,000 kg and wide sliding doors to access the passenger lift, the lift is easily used to transport both mobility scooters and many construction materials. The lift is fully compliant with the current safety regulations and is always inspected on site by a certified third party.


Versatile passenger lift for renovation projects

The robust build, small external dimensions, and the fact that it’s easy and comfortable to use, make the GEDA passenger lifts ideal for renovations. Many contractors chose this lift so that they didn’t have to rent a separate construction hoist. This would cost more rent, more energy, and a lot more space around the premises. And thus, a lot of nuisance to the residents can be avoided.

GEDA passenger lift deployed to minimise both distress and costs during renovation

At the Rooseveltlaan in Utrecht, three flats were to be renovated. The staircases and internal passenger lifts were renovated, the buildings insulation was improved, and each apartment had new kitchens and bathrooms installed. In total the project counted 174 inhabited apartments.

These kind of projects will always cause a lot of distress for the residents. To efficiently lessen the inconveniences, the contractor decided to deploy our GEDA passenger lift. We drafted six positions for the GEDA passenger lifts to keep the apartments accessible during the renovation.

This way the contractor could use the passenger lift to transport personnel and goods, while residents kept their barrier-free access. And costs were kept to a minimum, since the contractor did not require any extra contrition hoists for the materials.