Dialysis clinic barrier-free accessible thanks to temporary passenger lift in Saarbrücken (DE)

Within the dense construction of a city centre, it may seem impossible to install a temporary passenger lift. But with 20 years of experience and good consultation with the building manager, our liftspecialists always know how to find a solution. This was also the case at a dialysis clinic in Saarbrücken (Germany). Here we installed a temporary lift through an opening in the roof of a car park by means of a 30-metre crane flight. Thanks to good contact with all parties involved, this challenging placement was a success.


All floors accessible during lift modernisation

The passenger lift in the dialysis clinic is being modernised by lift company Schindler Aufzüge GmbH. Schindler and RECO Lift Solutions know each other's services and products well because Schindler's clients like to use RECO lifts in their lift modernisations. In Saarbrücken, we provided our RECO Plug and Play Extended to keep all 7 floors of the clinic accessible for staff and patients.

Benefits of RECO Plug and Play temporary passenger lifts:

  • Plenty of space for equipment and aids (max. 12 people);
  • Requires only 7.25 m² of space; 
  • Assembly within one day;
  • Simple operation for any user.

RECO Plug and Play Extended lifts

Temporary liftinstallation in a narrow opening at the back of the building

Since the car park had to be accessible by lift as well, a temporary lift installation at the rear of the clinic was the only option. Via a narrow opening in the roof, we were able to place the lift on the top floor of the car park. Above that, the façade of the clinic was opened up to connect the lift to the stairwell. Due to the dense construction around the parking garage, the lift had to be placed with a crane flight of 30 metres into the small opening in the roof.  

A 30-metre crane flight over icy rooftops

Despite the snow and ice, our mechanics assembled the lift neatly and on time. Hoisting the lift with a 30-metre crane flight is not an easy job. The lift must be neatly hoisted through the opening in the roof with less than a meter's clearance. Thanks to the experience of our mechanics and with a 300Tm crane from local rental company Fa. M.S. Schuch, we managed to complete the lift installation. Because the crane installation would have blocked the work traffic of a number of local businesses, we carried out all the work in one weekend.

Successful completion with on-site lift inspection

After the lift installation was completed, a TÜV SÜD inspector inspected the lift. Due to our good relations with international inspection services such as TÜV SÜD, inspections can take place directly after installation and the inspectors know exactly how our lifts work. This ensures that the lift is quickly ready and safe for use. And should a malfunction occur, we'll contact a local party in our network to resolve it quickly. 

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