RECO 1.0 passenger lift

If you are looking for a passenger lift for a location where many people use the lift every day, the RECO 1.0 passenger lift is an excellent choice. These lifts have a spacious lift car for 12 people and a covered waiting area on each floor. This allows any lift user, whether in a wheelchair or with a pram, to use the lift without having to wait in the cold. And when they walk into the lift, there is no telling the difference between our lift and a standard passenger lift.

General data

Lifting capacity
1000 kg
Passenger capacity
12 passenger(s)
Max. number of entrances
Operation controls
Buttons per floor as usual in passenger lifts
Lift speed
24.0 m/min

Safety & Accessibility

Wheelchair suitable
Mobility scooter suitable
Weather proof
Emergency stop button
Emergency call-out system
Emergency lowering system


Max. lift height
65.00 m
Total size (WxL)
4500 x 2500 mm
Space within lift (WxLxH)
2100 x 1100 x 2200 mm

Power supply

Power supply
400V / 3 Ph / 50 Hz
32 A

The ideal passenger lift for large high-rise residential housing: 

  • Spacious lift car for mobility scooter users (or 12 people)
  • Covered waiting area on each floor
  • High level of comfort and threshold-free access
  • Lift car is indistinguishable from any standard passenger lift

Safe and spacious: the temporary passenger lift for every user

The RECO 1.0 Passenger Lift has a payload capacity of 1,000kg and thus is able to transport up to 12 people. The spacious lift cabin is accessible for both mobility scooter users and emergency services with a stretcher. To ensure safety, each lift is approved according to the current safety regulations and inspected on site by a certified specialist. Thanks to the modular lift shaft, the passenger lift is safe to use during harsh weather conditions.

Fully-fledged passenger lifts to keep homes accessible during renovation

The RECO 1.0 passenger lifts are mostly deployed for lift renovation projects in residential housing. These kind of projects often take several weeks to a couple of months before the internal lifts can be operated again. Our passenger lifts ensure all residents of comfortable and barrier-free access to their homes, all year round.

Passenger Lift for owner-occupier association

This was also the case for an owner-occupier association near Rotterdam (NL). The lifts of two buildings would be out of order for a couple of months each. Some of the residents are partly to fully dependent on the lifts, so a replacement passenger lift was necessary. 

To keep all 7 floors accessible, we drafted and deployed a lift setup for each apartment building. The shaft was fitted directly to the walkways. Within the shaft’s segments there is a roofed waiting area, ensuring no resident would have to wait on the walkway during bad weather conditions.