Small indoor passenger lift

When there is no possibility to install a passenger lift with a crane, this small indoor lift offers a solution. The RECO Indoor lift is specially designed to maintain wheelchair access in roofed areas. The lift can be dismantled into small parts. This allows us to easily bring the parts inside through any door or corridor. There, without a crane, we rebuild the lift to a maximum height of 12 metres. Once operational, people with wheelchairs can easily enter the lift and operate the buttons.

General data

Lifting capacity
350 kg
Passenger capacity
4 passenger(s)
Max. number of entrances
Operation controls
Buttons per floor as usual in passenger lifts
Lift speed
9.0 m/min

Safety & Accessibility

Wheelchair suitable
Mobility scooter suitable
Weather proof
Emergency stop button
Emergency call-out system
Emergency lowering system


Max. lift height
12.00 m
Total size (WxL)
1930 x 1930 mm
Space within lift (WxLxH)
1540 x 1100 x 2100 mm

Power supply

Power supply
400V / 3 Ph / 50 Hz
32 A

Safe and compact passenger lift for 4 persons

This emergency lift features a quiet traction drive to prevent any disturbances. The lift has room for 4 passengers or 1 wheelchair user with a maximum payload capacity of 350 kg. The lift reaches heights of up to 12 metres. To ensure safety, the lift is designed, improved and assessed according to the currently applying safety regulations. After installation, the lift is thoroughly inspected by a certified third-party. 

Indoor lift for care institutions for more mobility 

A temporary passenger lift not only offers ease of use and comfort. It also offers a feeling of safety and mobility for disabled people. The residents of a senior housing complex in the Netherlands were thrilled we placed an indoor lift for them. Stair lifts were placed previously in the building. However, the residents indicated they preferred a passenger lift, as it’s quicker and easier to operate. Curious about how a temporary lift benefitted the residents of a complex? Watch the video! 

“Thanks to the indoor passenger lift, we can go to the ground floor whenever we want!”