Temporary passenger lifts for emergency lift hire and scheduled lift maintenance

Lift malfunctions and defects are never planned. If your passenger lift is malfunctioning, you can rent an emergency lift in order to keep properties accessible to residents. Your contingency plan can't do without a threshold-free emergency lift. By renting an temporary passenger elevator with the right equipment, your passageway will remain safe. As RECO Lift Solutions is Europe’s biggest rental company for temporary lifts, it's the place to go to for fast delivery and expert installations of emergency lifts.

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  • On location within 1 day
    Emergency? On workdays, we often are on location within 4 hours.
  • Available 24/7
    Available for malfunctions 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 
  • For every industry
    Events, infrastructure projects, or care organisations: experienced in every industry.
  • Expert installation
    The largest service team in the Netherlands with over 30 engineers.

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Temporary passenger lifts, platform lifts and stair lifts

At RECO Lift Solutions we rent out a wide range of emergency lifts for lift malfunctions, such as passenger lifts, platform lifts, stair lifts, and chair climbers. We also rent out resources such as wheelchairs, pedestrian accesses, and temporary mobility scooter storages to always keep residents and visitors moving. Our emergency lifts keep your buildings barrier-free and accessible after a lift malfunction or during maintenance, and your buildings will still adhere to the contingency plan.

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Emergency lifts for emergency services during malfunctions

If a permanent lift becomes unavailable due to an emergency, malfunction or maintenance, disabled resident will become housebound in the worst-case scenario. Moreover, emergency personnel cannot provide help in case of life-or-death situations. You can easily prevent this by renting one of our emergency lifts.

Thanks to the modular system of the emergency lifts, we’re able to install an emergency lift at your location within 1 working day in case of sudden lift malfunctions. All emergency lifts are first assessed after installation by an independent organisation before they can be used. This way, we ensure safe use of the lift. Learn more about our working method and 24/7 service.

Emergency job in Rotterdam with 35 stair lifts

Due to a technical malfunction, three indoor passenger lifts stopped working. Following the emergency request on Tuesday afternoon, we installed 35 stair lifts on Wednesday. Additionally, we deployed a lift assistant to help out the residents. The next Monday we installed a RECO Passenger Lift to compensate for the lost lift capacity.


27 stair lifts and walking frames within 24 hours

Due to a lift malfunction, we installed 27 stair lifts in the stairwell within 24 hours. After receiving the emergency request, we immediately analysed how many emergency lifts were needed. The chair lifts were ready for use a day later.

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