Collaboration with Woonstad Rotterdam: Temporary Lift for Resident Satisfaction

In Rotterdam, Woonstad Rotterdam is overseeing the renovation of internal lifts in three residential towers. This autumn, Skylift, the lift company, commences the lift upgrades in the first tower, with the second and third towers scheduled for early next year. To ensure accessibility to the residences while the lifts are temporarily out of service, Woonstad Rotterdam has tasked us with installing a temporary lift.


Passenger lifts: not just convenience, but a necessity

Each residential tower houses two lifts: one serving even floors and the other serving odd floors. This essentially means only one lift per floor. In the event of a lift malfunction in this scenario, it has profound implications for residents who dependent on the lift.

This isn't just a concern for residents with health issues or physical limitations but also for those with strollers or delivery services. For these individuals, taking the stairs, even if it's just one floor, is often not a viable option. The lift is not just a convenience for them; it's a necessity.

Lift renovation: from one to two lifts per floor

To prevent residents from being inconvenienced by a malfunction, Woonstad Rotterdam has opted to renovate the lifts. Skylift is modifying the existing lifts by adding stops on each floor. This modification ensures that every floor has two lifts, preventing residents from being without a lift during maintenance or a lift malfunction.

RECO Passenger Lifts for optimal accessibility during lift renovation

Adapting the lift shafts and cabins for each tower takes twelve weeks, with seven weeks of no lift operation during this period. To provide residents with an alternative during these times, Yara van Camerijk, the technical project leader at Woonstad Rotterdam, has enlisted our specialists to install a temporary lift. Our RECO Passenger Lifts are the ideal choice for such locations.

That's why RECO Passenger Lifts are the top choice for residential towers:

  • Can be assembled up to 65 meters in height
  • Spacious lift cabin for aids and delivery services
  • Internally indistinguishable from a regular lift
  • Covered waiting area on each floor

"RECO Lift Solutions truly have your back. They brainstorm with you, tackle challenging projects without fear, and ensure you meet your deadlines. Kors, you've once again exceeded expectations on this project. Thank you!"
- Yara van Camerijk, Technical Project Leader, Woonstad Rotterdam

Bridging the gap between the facade and lift shaft with walkways

On the first floor, a small balcony posed a challenge as the temporary lift shaft couldn't be directly mounted against the facade of the floors above. To bridge this gap, we installed walkways on each floor.

Compliments from residents to Woonstad Rotterdam

Residents are highly pleased with the lift renovation and the deployment of a temporary lift. A resident wrote to Woonstad Rotterdam, "I want to give my compliments in advance to the workers who installed the external lift. And to the workers who are currently ensuring that we, as residents, are minimally impacted by the lift renovation."

Our lift will remain in operation at the first residential tower until the end of November. Afterward, we will dismantle and relocate the lift to the next residential tower.