Jan Snel rents temporary RECO Plug and Play passenger lift for modular office in Amsterdam

Recently, Jan Snel has equipped a modular office building in Amsterdam with a temporary RECO Plug and Play passenger lift. Jan Snel is based in Montfoort and provides temporary business accommodation. Because both Jan Snel's accommodation and RECO's lifts are modular, we were able to easily coordinate the two. With our temporary passenger lift, the 3 floors of the office will remain accessible for the coming years.

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The right temporary passenger lift for modular business premises

For the real estate company that will be using the temporary office for the next few years, it is important that there is a barrier-free passenger lift. One of the company's employees is dependent on a wheelchair and a lift would be a godsend for the facility services. Because of the rental period, the height and the people using the lift, the RECO Plug and Play passenger lift is the best temporary lift for this project.

The advantages of the RECO Plug and Play passenger lift for the Amsterdam office:

  • The temporary lift has a modular construction and could therefore be anchored precisely at the ideal height and provide exit points;
  • When in use, the temporary passenger lift can hardly be distinguished from a permanent lift;
  • The lift car offers enough space for a wheelchair or container of goods;
  • RECO Lift Solutions offers a 24/7 breakdown service and the cabin is equipped with a voice call connection.

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Plug and Play: a temporary passenger lift within one working day

Thanks to its unique design, we were able to erect and commission the RECO Plug and Play passenger lift with 4 stops within one working day. With this type of lift, the lift shafts are put into place in a few lifting movements using a telescopic crane. As the segments of the lift shaft are the same size as a 20 and 10 ft container, the lift could be delivered by our transport service in one trip. This makes the so-called 'Plug and Play' assembly possible and saves our client a lot of labour costs. Moreover, excavating a lift pit is not necessary for our temporary passenger lifts.

Rental of modular equipment: more flexibility, less CO2 emissions

An important advantage of hiring modular equipment is that it is much more environmentally friendly than a permanent installation. This applies both to Jan Snel's accommodation and to our temporary passenger lifts. Because the parts of our temporary passenger lifts are used in different lift configurations, we can make maximum use of each part before it needs to be replaced. After each project we check which parts still last and which need to be replaced. This ensures that no valuable raw materials are lost and avoids additional CO2 emissions in the production process.

Smart temporary passenger lifts for more safety and less energy consumption

Our temporary passenger lifts are equipped with a smart monitoring system. This keeps the lift connected to our alarm centre and allows us to monitor its operation remotely in order to prevent malfunctions. Do you use the lift little or not at all at certain times? Then we can set a rest status at fixed times to limit your power consumption costs.