Temporary passenger lift: wheelchair access at Coventry Assembly Festival Garden 2021 Event

Since July, one of our temporary passenger lifts has been at the new Coventry Assembly Festival Garden event site. This unique event location near Birmingham was set up last summer in the city centre of Coventry. The festival site is specifically designed to adapt quickly to any new corona measures and provide full wheelchair access. Our temporary passenger lift provides level access to the venue called "The Treehouse", allowing wheelchair users to enjoy the shows. 

Temporary passenger lifts for wheelchair users at events

To make events accessible to every visitor, wheelchair accessibility is a prerequisite. At RECO Lift Solutions, we rent out various wheelchair lifts such as platform lifts and temporary passenger lifts. At the Assembly Festival Garden, a temporary passenger lift was needed with an connecting the ground floor to the venue at about 6 metres height. Our RECO Plug and Play passenger lift proved to be the best option for this location. 

More about temporary lifts for events

That's why our passenger lift is ideal for the Coventry Assembly Festival Garden: 

  • Fits every event with a small surface area of 7.25m²;
  • Practical wheelchair access with walk-through cabin;
  • Turnkey assembly within one working day;
  • Enough space for up to 12 people;
  • Easy to operate;
  • Hardly distinguishable from a permanent lift.

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