Lift shaft out of service in Delfzijl after fire: RECO comes to the rescue

Just a week after the fire, residents of the Dijkzichtflat in Delfzijl are using an emergency lift from RECO Lift Solutions. Two homes were completly destroyed by the fire and another three apartments suffered considerable damage. A total of eight families had to spend the night with family and friends. The fire also affected the lift shaft and lift machine room, resulting in two defective lifts. RECO Lift Solutions was contacted and urgently installed an emergency lift with lift shaft.

Lift out of order due to fire in the lift shaft

On Wednesday 10 July, a fire broke out on the top floor of the Dijkzicht flat in Delfzijl. Damage to the central lift shaft necessitated the urgent installation of an emergency lift. The Dijkzicht flat was built in the post-war housing emergency period with two lifts in one central lift shaft. At the time, it was customary to build the lift shafts centrally. This reduced construction costs so that cheaper housing could be provided.

In the meantime, however, it is known that in the event of an emergency it is practical to offer a passenger lift on both sides of the building. In the event of a fire like the one in the Dijkzicht flat, there would still be a working lift. On the day of the fire, the Acantus housing association immediately contacted us to install an emergency lift. Besides the fact that a lift is convenient, less mobile residents depend on the lift. In case of calamities, it is also vital that emergency services can use a working lift. After Acantus informed us, our team immediately travelled to the location to record the lift's set-up. On Thursday, the lift was assembled and after the lift institute's inspection, the lift was put into operation on Friday. 

Inspection of the emergency lift

When installing a temporary passenger lift, the operation of the lift is always inspected by a certified party. The Lift Institute is such a party and regularly inspects our emergency lifts. Thanks to the good contact with the Lift Institute, we can quickly switch when a lift needs to be delivered urgently. It is expected to take at least a few weeks before the damage to the lift shaft is repaired. Our emergency lift is therefore more than welcome by the residents. We are proud that we can help residents in emergency situations like this with a temporary lift. Thanks to the cooperation with the housing association and the Lift Institute, we are able to respond quickly to emergency situations with appropriate urgency.

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