Lift out of order: a suitable emergency lift to rent for every lift failure

In every apartment building with a passenger lift, a lift malfunction can occur. Fortunately, in almost all lift failures, this is due to the safety system kicking in. After the lift malfunctions, RECO Lift Solutions is ready to install an emergency lift within one working day. From a simple stair climber to a temporary passenger lift for 13 people. But which emergency lift is best suited to your situation? In this article, we'll give you ready-made advice so that you always rent the right emergency lift for your situation.

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On site in no-time

Need immediate action after a lift malfunction? Within a few hours, our lift assistance will be at your location to help residents climb stairs or to collect mail. If the residents are unable to climb stairs, our lift assistance will also bring along a handy stair climber.

Swiftly deployable emergency lifts: temporary stairlifts

If you opt for stairlifts, our fitters will start assembling them within a few hours. This helps the residents quickly, as a stairlift only takes 30 minutes per floor to assemble. With our own transport service and an emergency stock of 350 stairlifts, we can respond quickly to lift failures.

For residents with a mobility scooter, it is of course impossible to take their mobility scooter up the stairs with the stairlift. To safely store their mobility scooter on the ground floor, we also rent out temporary mobility scooter storage. For convenience, we also supply loaner rollators, so that residents can more easily walk on their floor from the lift to their homes.

Emergency lifts and lift installations for longer periods of time

Is the lift stationary for a longer period of time after a malfunction? Then it is more convenient to install a larger emergency lift with a cabin. Our temporary passenger lifts not only offer more comfort, but also enough space for meal trolleys or a stretcher in case of an emergency.

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More capacity and more comfort: temporary passenger lifts

But how will this lift be installed in your building? Not every apartment building has galleries or a suitable stairwell for installing an emergency lift. In order to offer a stopping place on every floor, our lift consultant will make an inventory of what is needed for an accessible emergency lift within 24 hours of the lift malfunctioning.

With different types of passenger lifts, we are prepared for any situation. One can be erected within 4 hours, another up to 25 floors. Depending on the construction of your building, our lift consultant will determine which emergency lift is most suitable. Do you need a lift with a longer assembly time? For example, due to the number of floors. Then we first install stair lifts until the definitive emergency lift is ready.

More mobility: a solution for every lift malfunction

Because not every building is the same, it is important to discuss the best lift arrangement with your facility services or caretaker. For example, is the stairwell closed off? Or is there a canopy in the way? Then we will discuss with your caretaker whether we can remove or bridge it. Is the gallery inaccessible or completely absent? Then we will install a temporary gallery.

View our temporary galleries

Temporary galleries and bridges of more than 5 metres are constructed in collaboration with our sister company, RECO Materieelverhuur. RECO is a specialist in scaffolding material and rents out, among other things, public-friendly scaffolding and stair towers. We use this to make every building accessible to every resident.

Would you like personal advice about installing emergency lifts at your premises? We are happy to discuss with you to find out which emergency lift and set-up offer the best solution. This will also give you a better idea of where you stand in case of a lift malfunction. Please contact our lift advisors for a no-obligation consultation.