Temporary passenger lift placed for lift renovation Lambeth's rehabilitation centre

At a rehabilitation centre located in the London district of Lambeth, CrownAcre Lifts Ltd., a Kone subsidiary, recently completed full refurbishment of the existing lift. As a result, the lift was out of service for six weeks. To ensure the building remained fully accessible to patients, barrier-free, RECO Lift Solutions installed the temporary RECOpassenger lift.

Temporary passenger lift in the backyard

The best place to install the temporary RECO-lift was in the rehabilitation centre’s backyard Thanks to RECO lift’s modular, lightweight design, the individual modules could easily be hoisted over the building with a mobile crane. In no more than four hours, the lift was fully assembled.

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Support from RECO Hoist Ltd.

Since a 2015 takeover, RECO has had a subsidiary in the UK called RECO Hoist Ltd., which is headquartered in St. Neots. RECO Hoist Ltd. specialises in the rental of passenger/goods lifts, platform lifts and mast climbing work platforms with a lifting capacity of 0-4,700 Kg. RECOHoist’s London branch provided support in the RECO lift’s assembly.

Inspection by Bureau Veritas

Following assembly, the RECO lift was inspected by Bureau Veritas (BV) Since the delivery of temporary RECO passenger lifts for the London Olympic Games in 2012, BV has performed all inspections in England on behalf of RECO Lift Solutions. Following inspection, the RECO-lift was handed over to the rehabilitation centre, enabling patients to move freely and safely throughout the building during the renovation, completely barrier-free.

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