Erasmus Medical Center provides barrier-free car park access with temporary RECO passenger lift

Recently the Erasmus University MC in Rotterdam undertook a large-scale relocation to new hospital premises. Two departments, Radiology and Radiotherapy, moved to the new location in stages. Unfortunately, the changes also meant that their patients suddenly no longer had access to barrier-free parking. RECO Lift Solutions offered the solution, installing a temporary RECO PP passenger lift in the parking deck.

Installation of the temporary passenger lift and exit landing

The lift shaft of RECO’s temporary passenger lift requires a floor area of just 7.25 m, but the area available on the ground level of the installation site was only 3.0 m wide. That meant patients exiting the lift would have stepped out straight onto the roadway. RECO Lift Solutions solved this by turning the lift shaft by a quarter rotation and adding an exit landing, thereby ensuring the lift would be safe to use. The installation was carried out under the direction of RECO Lift Solutions by its RECO affiliate in Koudekerk aan de Rijn.

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Lower wall recess

Only a portion of the lower wall and fence had to be removed to allow installation of the exit landing, which is now perfectly on a level with the parking deck. The parking capacity was hardly affected: only one parking space had to be sacrificed. After installing the RECO lift, RECO’s ground crew surfaced the area in front of the lift doors. The Lift Institute subsequently inspected and approved the RECO lift, after which it was officially transferred to the client. Now, patients visiting the outpatients’ clinic for treatments can park safely and barrier-free.

A time switch for temporary passenger lifts to prevent misuse

The temporary RECO passenger lift only needs to be in operation during the outpatient clinic’s treatment hours. To prevent misuse of the lift, RECO Lift Solutions fitted the RECO lift with a time switch at the client’s request. Outside treatment hours, the lift cabin therefore remains stationary at the ground floor with its doors closed.

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