Assembly: your temporary lift quickly and safely installed

From 0.5m to 100m: our lift engineers are ready to install your emergency lift

Safety and an optimal lift installation is key to us. To ensure this, we assist you during the whole journey. Everything from A to Z is carried out by experts. Such as our engineers. The engineers have received topical training and can fall back on many years of colleagues’ experience within the company. You can expect our emergency lifts to be as solid as a rock.

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No challenge too great

Hoisting a lift across a roof, manoeuvre a large lift through a small door, or placing a lift in a confined space to the centimetre. Our engineers pull big challenges off without breaking a sweat. We’ve been installing temporary lifts for years, which is why our engineers have become very knowledgeable. To keep innovating, our engineers participate in courses and receive further training. This ensures they can work efficiently while adhering to the latest regulations.

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Working together for the complete solution with emergency stairs, temporary walkways, and lifts

RECO Holding consists of several companies, each with their own specialisation. By working closely together, we offer you a complete solution. This way, we also offer other mobility solutions next to our emergency lifts. Together with RECO we install, amongst others, emergency stairs, temporary pedestrian bridges, and temporary walkways.

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Proper lift specialists for the best quality

Several specialists work together when your temporary lift gets installed. The driver transports the lift to its location, the navvy prepares the surroundings, the hoist operator makes sure the lift gets to the right spot, and the engineers construct the lifts neatly and safely. Because everyone has their own speciality, we can really offer the quality we promise.

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