Stairlift rental for Peiner Heimstätte during lift modernisation in a Peine care home by ThyssenKrupp Aufzüge

Peiner Heimstätte has rented 8 stairlifts from RECO Lift Solutions for the residents of a care home in Peine. In just a few weeks, ThyssenKrupp Aufzüge is modernising the care facility's existing passenger lift. By using stairlifts, we are making up for the temporarily lost lift capacity between the basement and third floor. 

Why rent temporary stairlifts at RECO Lift Solutions?

  • To maintain a safe and comfortable lift facility during lift downtimes;
  • User-friendly for residents with reduced mobility;
  • Delivered and assembled in no-time;
  • Requires only a 230V power supply;
  • Remains operational during short power cuts thanks to the emergency battery.

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Careful stairlift installation in tiled stairwells

At RECO Lift Solutions, we ensure that our client does not have to worry about the assembly of temporary passenger lifts and stair lifts. From calculation and transport to assembly and inspection, we keep the lift placement completely in our own hands. In Peine, the installation required extra care because the stairwell is fully tiled. With high-quality tools, we mounted the stair lifts on the steps. When drilling the anchors, we collected the debris so that we could seal the anchoring holes aesthetically after disassembly. In this way, we ensure that after the lift modernisation is completed, the staircase is also handed over in an aesthetically pleasing condition.

Collaboration with ThyssenKrupp AG on lift maintenance

This is not the first project where we have cooperated with ThyssenKrupp AG. In the past 5 years, we have been able to equip a large number of projects in Germany with temporary RECO passenger lifts for ThyssenKrupp AG. For example, we have delivered temporary passenger lifts at the Schönblick care home in Calw and at a hospital in Konstanz. Thanks to our good contact with the client, we can respond quickly in case of an emergency or planned lift maintenance.

Temporary stairlift rental for care homes

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