Temporary passenger lift for Bergpolderflat renovation in Rotterdam

On the instructions of Breijer Project BV, in close cooperation with Vestia, the owner of the oldest gallery apartment in the Netherlands, RECO Lift Solutions will keep the flats in the apartment accessible during the 10-week renovation of the lift shaft and lift. 

To separate residential and commercial traffic, the construction team has decided to use a special passenger lift, the RECO Lift, for the residents and a so-called goods lift including scaffolding for the workmen. By calling in our expertise at an early stage and ultimately choosing to use the equipment selected, the inconvenience to residents was kept to a minimum because work could continue optimally and the lead time was therefore very limited for a job of this nature.

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First free-standing gallery apartment in the Netherlands

The Bergpolderflat (1932-1934) in Rotterdam was the first free-standing gallery apartment in the Netherlands and the first to be built with a steel skeleton. This makes it one of the top monuments in Rotterdam. The design is by architect Willem van Tijen in collaboration with Brinkman and Van der Vlugt. The apartment building is an important monument of the Nieuwe Bouwen movement.