RECO Lift Solutions helps Deutsche Bahn with GEDA passenger lift at Cologne (DE) railway station

At the Cologne Central Station in Germany, Deutsche Bahn (DB) plans to modernise three permanent passenger lifts this year. After successful projects such as Stuttgart station, the railway company approached RECO Lift Solutions to also provide this station with a temporary passenger lift. Since the lifts are modernised in turn, we have now set up a GEDA P18S passenger lift at the first platform within the station for 14 weeks.


Therefore our GEDA temporary passenger lift is ideal for stations: 

  • Easy operation for passengers
  • Plenty of space for luggage, wheelchairs and bikes; 
  • Suitable for indoor installation by compact lift and mast parts;
  • By dismantling the base unit in such a way, the lift fits under the limited clearance height of passenger tunnels.

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Installation of passenger lift during operating hours station

Indoor set-ups are often challenging. In a station hall such as the one in Cologne, we not only have to deal with limited headroom, but also with passengers. After all, this station is in use 24 hours a day. So as not to take any risks with safety and inconvenience, we carried out most of the work at night. 

Limited clearance for lift in passenger tunnel

In order to transport the passenger lift from the truck to the installation location, we transported it by forklift truck through the passenger tunnel. As the passenger tunnel has a limited clearance of 2.6 metres, we partially dismantled the basic module. The basic module is normally 2.85 metres high. Thanks to our mechanics' experience in servicing GEDA lifts, we could reduce the height to 2.58 metres. With only 2 centimetres of slack our mechanics safely delivered the lift to the installation site.

Mounting the lift masts and the automatic door panel on the platform

To assemble the masts and the automatic lift doors of the GEDA lift, we rented a compact Manitou telescopic handler from Aresco Verreiker Verhuur from Vessem. With this, we could lift the masts and the exit point on the platform. We deliberately did this at night, so that the equipment would not be in the way of travellers, station staff and shopkeepers.

Successful lift installation with on-site inspection

After the GEDA passenger lift installation was finished, the TÜV SÜD inspector approved the lift. Our lift will remain in operation at this location for 14 weeks. After that it will be transferred two more times to the next set-up location. In the event of a malfunction, all RECO lifts are equipped with a speech connection as standard. For this project, it is connected to Deutsche Bahn's service centre. GEDA Bergkamen is our local lift partner in the event of malfunctions.

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