Temporary passenger lift for an inhabited renovation in Utrecht

The apartments on Bangkokdreef in Utrecht were to be renovated while still inhabited by its residents. Naturally, this has quite an impact on the residents. To ensure the mobility of the residents in the building, Nijhuis Bouw called on RECO Lift Solutions to provide a temporary passenger lift.

"As a specialist, we have a fleet with dozens of different lifts. Every situation is unique. That is why we look at which lift offers the most optimal solution per assignment" - Robert van der Bruggen, manager of RECO Lift Solutions.

For this project we've offered a GEDA 2-in-1 temporary passenger lift. It can be used to transport both residents and construction materials. It is a transit lift with the comfort of a passenger lift that of course meets all health and safety requirements. As with every project, an extensive survey preceded the choice of the right lift. We consulted with Nijhuis about the requirements the lift had to meet. This led to the choice of the combi lift. The lift was finally installed in front of the stairwell. The work was carried out in phases. After the first strand was completed, the lift was moved to the next stairwell. The contractor's phasing is almost always leading in this type of situation.

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