Can a temporary lift be used in flats without a gallery?

Regularly we're asked whether it is possible to install a temporary passenger lift in an apartment building without a gallery or external corridor. The answer is YES, because due to the experience of a specialist and with proper consultation with the property manager, a suitable solution can be found for every building. At RECO Lift Solutions, we have extensive experience installing temporary passenger lifts. Even at buildings where the solution may not be so obvious.

Recently, this has also been the case at 8 properties on in Rotterdam. For years, the owners' association had been wondering how they could guarantee the residents the lift capacity they needed during a renovation of the internal passenger lifts.

Access from stairwell to the temporary passenger lift

It turned out that the best solution was to connect a temporary passenger lift to the central staircase. However, this was not immediately feasible because the floors of the stairwell were closed off with facades and there was a canopy on the ground floor. The canopy here covered the central entrance with letterboxes. In order to find a solution for this, we entered into discussions with the building contractor of the owners' association administrators. The contractor then carefully dismantled the canopy and the facades for the stops of our temporary passenger lift.

Teaming up to bridge the canopy to the stairwell

In situations like this one, we always prefer to work with a party that is already familiar with the building and the manager. It is wise to work with a chain partner, because an in-house contractor is more familiar with the construction of the building and therefore minimises the risk of damage. To tackle the problem of the entrance, we placed the lift a few metres in front of the building and connected it to the building by means of footbridges. In addition to the architectural challenge, there was also a deadline to meet. The renovation project must be completed by the end of the year. In order to meet this deadline, three lifts were installed simultaneously until December. After the renovation work on a lift shaft is completed, our lift engineers will move the temporary passenger lift to the next set-up location and install it there.

Accessible and responsible lift rental

Too often we read in the news that housing corporations overlook the importance of accessibility. RECO Lift Solutions is wellknown as rental company of quality temporary passenger lifts and lift assistance to retain internal accessibility in the broadest sense. Our product range has been fully optimised to offer the best usability and safety, allowing you to facilitate accessibility in any situation.

In addition, renting is also a responsible choice within the framework of the circular economy. After all, the materials and manufacturing processes are put to maximum use during the period of use of the product. Would you like to know whether it is possible to install a temporary lift in your building? If so, we will be happy to discuss a solution with you. Please contact us for an appointment.

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