Residents respond extremely positive to temporary passenger lift for 19 floors

The permanent lifts in the flat building ‘De Sneeuwvos’ next to Vossendijk Park are in need of maintenance. This 19-storey flat building on the River Maas offers spacious units with a fantastic view to 68 households. Data on the use of the replacement lift provided shows that the solution from RECO Lift Solutions was more valuable to residents than a mere back-up lift.

Temporary passenger lift 

During the maintenance period, the two permanent Duplex lifts are being renovated consecutively. In order to compensate for the lost lift capacity, RECO Lift Solutions was asked by the housing corporation to provide a temporary lift system. With projects such as De Sneeuwvos, the major challenge consists of delivering a lift that can handle the strong winds at a height of 19 storeys, is efficient for rental purposes and, at the same time, can provide residents with the same unobstructed access as the existing lift facilities.

Residents are fully dependent on the passenger lift

Mobility is always the top priority, as residents depend on their lift each and every day. The RECO Lift 2.0 provided a solution that met everyone’s expectations: a quiet traction lift with a lift shaft and fully-furnished cabin, just as you would expect from an indoor lift. The lift boasts a speed of 0.8 meters per second and a level threshold that makes it easily accessible to wheelchairs and wheeled stretchers.

Soon after installation, it became apparent that both permanent lifts could be renovated at the same time, as users preferred the RECO Lift 2.0 to the interior lift that was still in operation. User statistics show that residents are using the temporary lift considerably more often in comparison – and reactions from several residents confirm this. When you can choose between a lift that you know is in need of maintenance and a temporary lift that was recently inspected from top to bottom, the choice is clear. The cabin of a temporary lift furthermore meets all standards for a typical permanent lift.

The lift from RECO Lift Solution will remain in operation at the Vossendijk address until week 34. As it appears now, however, the lift maintenance service will be able to complete their work ahead of schedule. Because the loss of lift capacity is being sufficiently compensated by the temporary lift, it will likely be possible to begin maintenance work on the second lift at an earlier stage.

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