New RECO Indoorlift operational for the first time!

The latest addition to the already extensive fleet of RECO lifts has been in operation for the first time this week in a senior citizens' complex with an atrium. The building in question could not be reached from the outside with a standard RECO lift. An excellent opportunity to use the new Indoorlift because the building does have a beautiful interior that is perfect for the erection of the RECO Indoorlift. 

Faultless lift installation

The RECO Indoorlift is a temporary lift which can be used perfectly in situations where traditional lifts cannot be used. This may be the case, for example, if there is no public-free access in the form of a gallery or if a facade cannot be temporarily removed. This indoor lift can be transported (and erected) quickly and easily because this temporary lift is delivered in separate parts, as shown in the photo, where the lift is stored in parts in a sea container. The indoor lift is designed so that all required elements fit through a normal access door of 90 x 200 cm.

Fully equipped and energy efficient

Due to the floor dimensions of the lift car (154 x 110 cm and a height of 210 centimetres), the noiselessly driven stainless steel indoor lift can transport three people (or one wheelchair user) simultaneously. The cabin is equipped with a mirror and a handrail in accordance with legal regulations, as well as automatic doors and a GSM-based voice privacy system. The lift shaft has exterior dimensions of 193 x 193 cm. The maximum lifting capacity of the Event lift is 350 kg; the maximum lifting height is 12 metres, in which a maximum of three stops can be made. The lifting speed is 0.15 m/s. The RECO Indoorlift is also economical in use due to the application of Bohnke & Partner Blue Modus technology and LED lighting.

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