Railway station Amsterdam Sloterdijk equipped with 2x RECO Temporary elevator

On request of the Dutch railways (ProRail), Möhringer Elevators BV from Haarlem recently have started replacing the elevators at railway station Amsterdam Sloterdijk. To compensate for the lost elevator capacity, Reco Lift Solutions have been asked to install 2 temporary passenger elevators.

To avoid any hinder for passengers, ProRail has required that the 2 temporary elevators only could be installed during the night. This meant that there was not more than 3 operating hours! available for the installation.

Temporary passenger lifts were quickly installed

A major advantage of the RECO PP Passenger elevator, is that it is developed according to the Plug & Play principle. This technique makes it possible to install a complete elevator in just one single lifting operation. After installation, Reco`s engineers could immediately start installing an entry ramp to the elevators. Before the first trains arrived in the morning, RECO`s engineers were already on their way home.

In addition to the Temporary Passenger lifts, in & -out check boxes were installed. Since these boxes could be fed from the Reco elevators, no separate power supply lines needed to be installed.

With the use of the RECO-Passenger elevators, the railways maintain a barrier-free platform access for its passengers. The cabin finishing and its comfortable gearless drive, guarantees passenger comfort during the replacement period.

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