Property developer Matexi installs temporary GEDA P18S passenger lift for luxury apartments in Ghent

In the heart of central Ghent lies the Kouter. Close to this well-known flower market, the developer Matexi is currently working on the “Kouterdreef” project, involving a mix of stylish boutiques and luxury residential apartments. The apartments will be completed later this year. To give potential buyers barrier-free access to the various floors of the building during the construction stage, Matexi decided to install a temporary 3-stop GEDA P18S passenger lift.

Limited load-bearing capacity of basement floor

The temporary passenger lift was installed on the floor of the parking garage on Basement Level 2. Due to the limited load-bearing capacity of this floor (max. 250 kg/m2), RECO Lift Solutions opted for the compact, lightweight GEDA P18S passenger lift. An added advantage of the reduced weight of this type of temporary passenger lift was that it could be hoisted using the tower crane installed in the temporary open space inside the building.

Automatic door panels

Each exit is fitted with a door panel which opens automatically as soon as the lift cabin stops beside it. Normally the door panels are securely shut between the floors. However, for this project that was not technically possible. In this situation we always have the option of fixing the door panels securely to the two mast elements of the lift using braces. 

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First-line monitoring by Schindler Lifts

Schindler Belgium will be constructing the permanent lifts in the building. At the request of the client, Matexi, the intercom in the temporary GEDA P18S passenger lift was connected to the Schindler service centre, which will be responsible for providing first-line support. At the client’s request, RECO Lift Solutions also equipped the GEDA P18S passenger lift with a key switch on every floor. This should help to prevent misuse.

Lift inspection by BTV Control

RECO Lift Solutions commissioned the Belgian agency BTV Control to inspect the installation of the temporary GEDA P18S passenger lift. After this inspection, the lift was handed over to the client. RECO Lift Solutions has asked BTV Control to provide support for a next project in Belgium.

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