Scheduled lift maintenance on Putselaan and De Weem

As the owner of a building, you naturally want to create some security for yourself and your residents. To provide this, most organisations work with a long-term maintenance plan (MJOP). This gives the organisation a better overview of the costs and maintenance periods. In order to guarantee mobility during maintenance, it is also useful for high-rise buildings to already think about a lift solution.

Thinking ahead not only adds value financialy. Knowing that the owner of your rental home has taken the placement of a temporary passenger lift in account also offers the tenant security and confidence. In the next decades, the number of elderly people living in high-rise buildings will increase significantly. As a result of this change, high-rise buildings are becoming increasingly dependent on passenger lifts and barrier-free access. With RECO Lift Solutions, you can therefore schedule replacement lifts so that during maintenance periods, daily accessibility for residents is guaranteed.

Customised solutions with temporary passenger lifts

Recently, we have delivered two all-inclusive temporary passenger lifts according to similar bespoke agreements to De Weem in Nijmegen and Putselaan in Rotterdam. Because there was no gallery on the top floor of De Weem, we have placed two temporary stairlifts. During the maintenance period, the residents of these floors thus retained a barrier-free passage to their homes. In Rotterdam, it was a familiar job. We also installed a lift here in 2015 for planned maintenance. Here, the lift was installed in a courtyard garden to avoid having to use public space. As with these projects, it relieves our clients to know well in advance what is going on and how quickly and easily the temporary lift is in place. RECO aims for a streamlined process where both client and end user deserve a comfortable solution.

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